Raleigh & Rosse Measures to Motivate Exceptional Service Case Study Solution

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With the introduction of SPH program, R&R found itself surrounded by issues pertaining to bad reputation and damaging brand image. Issues related to overstretching of associates, bad attitude by managers, unethical behavior exhibited by employees, media attention to these problems and suits filed were a concern for R&R. Customers were over emphasized while employees were neglected. Part of solution includes abandoning SPH and introducing balanced scorecard approach. This approach will take a 360* perceptive of measuring performance, aligning all the functions of the organization to a common goal. It should introduce the concept of management by wandering around. While on the other had for reacting to the allegation and bad reputation held against R&R. It should publically admit its mistakes and compensate the aggrieved party. Also, it should publically announce the actions against the managers and employees who were responsible for displaying unethical behavior and misusing power. In addition to this, it should also announce audit to be taken place by an independent audit firm.


Questions Covered

  1. What is the primary problem in the case?
  2. What are the major factors affecting the problem?
  3. How are you approaching the problem?
  4. What is your solution and/or recommendation? 


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