Harvard Business School Case Studies Solutions

Strategic Planning at Apple Inc.

Fabrizio Di Muro, Kyle Murray, Miranda Goode


Schneider Electric Global Account Management

Joe Distefano, Anne-Valerie Ohlsson


Outsourcing at Office Supply Inc. Exhibits, Spreadsheet Supplement

Mark Jeffery, James Anfield, Subhankar Bhowmick


Howard, Shea & Chan Asset Management (A)

Benson P. Shapiro


USA TODAY: Pursuing the Network Strategy (B)

Michael L. Tushman, Michael J. Roberts, David Kiron


Corporate Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle (2001)

Ranjay Gulati, Lucia Marshall


Mrs. Fields, Inc.--1977-87

Lynda M. Applegate, Keri Pearlson


Timberjack Parts: Packaged Software Selection Project, Video

Mark Keil


Probability Assessment Exercise Global

Matthias Hild


Nettwerk: Digital Marketing in the Music Industry

John Deighton, Leora Kornfeld


Asian Neighborhood Design

Daniel Kessler, Lauren Dutton, Melinda T. Tuan


Transformational Outsourcing

Jane Linder, Juyne Linger


Siebel Systems Inc.: Facing a New Regulatory and Competitive Environment

Cynthia Clark Williams


Contract Manufacturing: Dealing with Supply Chain Ethics Challenges

Michael Marks, David W. Hoyt

Exeter Group, Inc.

Robert G. Eccles, Das Narayandas, Kerry Herman


Apollo Hospitals--First-World Health Care at Emerging-Market Prices

Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Tarun Khanna, Carin-Isabel Knoop


Revenue Recognition and Reporting

David F. Hawkins


Indian Railways: Building a Permanent Legacy?

Aldo Musacchio, Tarun Khanna, Rachna Tahilyani


Tax Impropriety: Judicial Sanctions and Professional Repercussions

Henry B. Reiling, Frank P. Bruno, Catherine M. Conneely, Kevin F. Wall


Science Technology Co.--1985

Thomas R. Piper


Harvard Business School

David A. Garvin, Srikant M. Datar, Carin-Isabel Knoop


Arcelik Home Appliances: International Expansion Strategy

Pankaj Ghemawat, Catherine Thomas


Sun Microsystems, Inc. (A)

Steven C. Wheelwright, Nan S. Langowitz


ABB: Accountability Times Two (B)

Robert L. Simons


B.F. Goodrich-Rabobank Interest Rate Swap

Jay O. Light


Iran Office Automation Company

Jeanne M. Liedtka, Amir Amiri


Bitter Competition: The Holland Sweetener Co. vs. NutraSweet (B)

Adam Brandenburger, Maryellen Costello, Julia Kou


Pluria Marshall Jr. and the Wave Community Newspapers

Gerry Yemen, Charles Stunson


Operational Execution at Arrow Electronics

Ananth Raman, Zeynep Ton


Scott Family Enterprises (B): Addressing Family Goals and Visions in the Family Enterprise

John L. Ward, Canh Tran

Rosetta Stone: Pricing the 2009 IPO, Spreadsheet Supplement

Michael J. Schill, Suprajj Papireddy


Arrow Electronics: The Schweber Acquisition

Richard S. Rosenbloom, Stephen P. Kaufman


Cells for Life (A)

John G. Wilson, Robert Young, Georg Oppitz, Wayne Hoy, David Bassin


Note on the Confrontation Strategy

Robin Cooper


Silicon Valley Bank

G. Felda Hardymon, Ann Leamon


Hayco Manufacturing Ltd.: Staff Welfare at the Shenzhen Factory

Gilbert Wong, Monica Wong


Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics (C)

Nancy Dean Beaulieu, Aaron M.G. Zimmerman


deCODE Genetics: Hunting for Genes to Develop Drugs

Chris Bebenek, Debora L. Spar


AOL Europe vs. Freeserve (C)

David B. Yoffie, Mary Kwak


Kmart, Inc. and Builders Square

Lisa Meulbroek, Jonathan Barnett


Go Mobile

Rajiv Lal, Catherine Ross


Vermeer Technologies (G): Epilogue

Ashish Nanda, Georgia Levenson


Morgan Stanley Japan: Eric Best, Video

Tarun Khanna


Mittal Steel: The Making of the World's Largest Steel Company (B)

Jordan Mitchell, Rama Velamuri


General Dynamics and Computer Sciences Corp.: Outsourcing the IS Function (A)

F. Warren McFarlan, Katherine N. Seger


The Garden Place--One Year Later

Luann J. Lynch, E. Richard Brownlee II, Mark E. Haskins, C. Ray Smith

Cinco de Mayo

Arthur I Segel, Nicolas P. Retsinas, David Margain, Andres Caldera


International Sourcing at Intercon

Marie-Therese Flaherty, Eric Mankin


BigEast Bank (A): Credit Card Approval

Frances X. Frei, Dennis Campbell


Gabriel Rozman, Tata Consultancy Services Iberoamerica, Video

Tarun Khanna, Krishna G. Palepu


Jack Welch at GE: 1981-2001--The Evolution of a Chief Executive, Video

Joseph L. Bower


Pandesic: The Challenges of a New Business Venture (B)

Joseph L. Bower, Clark Gilbert


Otis South Africa (A)

Michael Beer, Gregory S. Smirin


MCI-WorldCom Combination (A)

Paul M. Healy, Jacob Cohen


Food Security and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Ray A. Goldberg, Eliot Sherman


TD Canada Trust (Abridged)

Dennis Campbell, Brent Kazan


Jollibee Foods Corp. (B): Global Focus

Christopher A. Bartlett


Accounting for Indirect Costs

William J. Bruns Jr.



William A. Sahlman, Jon M. Biotti


Amicon Corp. (B)

E. Raymond Corey, Noel Capon


Kentucky Fried Chicken in China (C)

Paul W. Beamish, Allen Morrison



Becky Saeger, CMO, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Interviewed by Professor John Quelch, Video Supplement (DVD)

John A. Quelch


China Cosmetics Industry 2005

Zhigang Tao, Li Dongya


Korea: On the Back of a Tiger (Abridged)

Yasheng Huang


Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream (Abridged)

Glenn Carroll, Jennifer Chatman, Victoria Chang



Sid L. Huff, Mike Wade


Airport Privatisation in Australia

Michael J. Enright, Flash Ng


Pioneering Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success

Candida G. Brush


Lucent Technologies: Provisioning and Postponement

Hau Lee, David W. Hoyt, Enrique Tello-Lopez


CapitaLand Ltd: CEO Selection

Thomas J. Delong, Michael Shih-ta Chen, G.A. Donovan


The Real Green IT Machine

Brandt Allen


Saudi Arabia: Getting the House in Order

Richard H.K. Vietor, Rebecca Evans


Donna Karan International, Inc.

Krishna G. Palepu, Sarayu Srinivasan


Jeanne Lewis at Staples, Inc. (B)

Linda A. Hill, Kristin C. Doughty


Chesebrough-Pond's, Inc.: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

John A. Quelch, Penny Pittman Merliss


Advanced Technologies, Inc.

Thomas R. Piper



Nissan Canada Inc.

P. Fraser Johnson, Kyle S.K. Hunter


Mobitell (C): Accounting for the Swap Deal

Murray J. Bryant, Craig Dunbar, Konstantin Markov


Narragansett Brewing Company

Tom Nicholas, Lindsey Marshall, Charles Miller


ACHAP (African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships): The Merck/Gates Initiative in Botswana

V. Kasturi Rangan


Canadian Solar

Paul W. Beamish, Jordan Mitchell


Framework for Pursuing Diversity in the Workplace

Michael Brookshire, Thomas J. Delong


Rebirth of the Swiss Watch Industry--1980-92 (A)

Michael L. Tushman, Daniel B. Radov


Seeing Sooner: How to Scan for Weak Signals from the Periphery

George Day, Paul Schoemacker


Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp. (D)

Lynn Sharp Paine


Printicomm's Proposed Acquisition of Digitech: Negotiating Price and Form of Payment, Spreadsheet Supplement

Scott Siegler


Quaker Oat's Oatmeal Division

Christie Nordhielm, Gretchen Hall


Rambus Inc., 2004

David B. Yoffie, Debbie Freier


Managing Networked Businesses: Course Overview for Students

Thomas R. Eisenmann


Jieliang Phone Home! (B)

Willy Shih, Ethan S. Bernstein, Nina Bilimoria


Profiling at National Mutual (C)

John J. Sviokla, Audris Wong


Star Cablevision Group (C): Responding to a Credit Market Contraction

William A. Sahlman, Burton C. Hurlock


Green Retailing: Factors for Success

Kee-Hung Lai, T.C.E. Cheng, Ailie K.Y. Tang


Globalive: Change in the Canadian Wireless Telecom Industry

Adam Fremeth, Tony Frost, Guy Holburn, Kevin Chan, Peter Walker


Exchange Rate Policy at the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Mihir A. Desai, Mark F. Veblen


This Office is Jinxed (A)

Thomas Cross


Mt. Auburn Partners Search Fund

William A. Sahlman, Dan Heath


San Francisco Coffee House: An American Style Franchise in Croatia

Ilan Alon, Mirela Alpeza, Aleksandar Erceq


Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2007

Jan W. Rivkin, Michael A. Roberto, Ranjay Gulati


Anne Livingston and Power Max Systems (D1): Building the PowerPlayer Software Team

Mary Gentile, Pamela J. Maus


East Cameron Partners: The Sukuk Bond

Stephen Sapp, Brooke Harley


China's Financial Markets, 2007

Li Jin, Bingxing Huo


A performance management readiness review framework for governmental service providers

Andre de Waal, Leo Kerklaan


Dollar General Going Private, Spreadsheet

Sharon Katz


Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. (A)

F. Stewart Debruicker, Jan-Erik Modig


Hexcel Corporation

Basil A. Kalymon, Jordan Mitchell


OuterLink Corp. (A)

Josh Lerner

Leveraging Diversity Through Psychological Safety

Amy C. Edmondson, Kathryn S. Roloff


Gavin Carter: What is an MBA Worth?

Wei Li, Joseph Jordan


Inhale Therapeutics: Executing and Growing the Business Model

Henry W. Chesbrough, Gillian Morris


Nike (E)

C. Roland Christensen, David C. Rikert, Michael J. Roberts


Pandora: Royalties Kill the Web Radio Star? (A)

Robert C. Pozen, Alex Rosenfeld


Corruption at Siemens (A)

Paul M. Healy, Maria Loumioti


Steve Mariotti and NFTE

J. Gregory Dees, Alice Oberfield


Creating Value

Rohit Deshpande


Acid Rain: Burlington Northern, Inc. (B)

Forest Reinhardt


Competing for the Future: Swatch, Transforming an Industry, Video (DVD)

Gary Hamel, C.K. Prahalad


Corning Glass Works International, Part II: Interviews with Top Management, Video

Michael Y. Yoshino, Christopher A. Bartlett


GE's Early Dispute Resolution Initiative (A)

Michael A. Wheeler, Gillian Morris


Resolving a Crisis: Lars Kruse Thomsen Assesses the Results of Change (C)

Joe Distefano, Colleen Lief


Vanderbilt University Endowment (2006)

Andre F. Perold, William T. Spitz


Cumberland Metal Industries (A): Model Year 1978 Negotiations with Beta Motors

Benson P. Shapiro, Craig E. Cline


Confronting a Necessary Evil: The Firing of Alex Robins (A)

Joshua D. Margolis

Capital Field: A Room with a View

Joshua Wyatt, Nicolas P. Retsinas


Walt Disney's Dennis Hightower: Taking Charge

Ashish Nanda


Rick Surpin (C)

Kirk O. Hanson, David Bollier, Penelope Rowlands


Tiffany & Co.

Samuel L. Hayes


Discount and Hawkins: Critical Moments, Full Transcript

Michael A. Wheeler, Gillian Morris


Wal-Mart's Business Environment, Supplement (Spreadsheet)

Felix Oberholzer-Gee


The National Healthcare Crisis: Is eHealth a Key Solution?

John W. Hill, Phillip Powell


Whose Life is This? A Creativity Exercise

Kamalini Ramdas, Jeneanne Rae


From Garbage to Goods: Successful Remanufacturing Systems and Skills

Geraldo Ferrer, D. Clay Whybark


Managing Product Safety: The Ford Pinto

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Dekkers L. Davidson


Numico (B): Transforming the Supply Chain to Support New Realities

Carlos Cordon, Thomas E. Vollmann, Luis Vivanco


ThoughtWorks (A): Targeting and Positioning Basics for a Services Firm

Alice M. Tybout, Kyle Ragsdale


Organizing for Worldwide Effectiveness: The Transnational Solution

Christopher A. Bartlett, Sumantra Ghoshal


Help the World See: Self-Sustaining Eye Care in Belize

J. Gregory Dees, Jeffrey Orenstein, Jaan Elias


Teaming for Time: The 6 AM Delivery Project at The Boston Globe (B)

Phyllis Schlesinger, David Wylie, Michael Lelyveld


iMergent (A)

Mark T. Bradshaw

Allianz (C): An Interview with Dr. Holger Hatje

Joseph L. Bower, Marc L. Bertoneche, Anders Sjoman, Sonja Ellingson Hout


Long Beach Unified School District (A): Change That Leads to Improvement (1992-2002)

James E. Austin, Robert B. Schwartz, Jennifer M. Suesse


One Firm One Future at Davis Langdon (C)

Robert G. Eccles, Kaitlyn Simpson


Loop Capital: Funding Growth in an Investment Bank, Spreadsheet Supplement

Gregory White, Jeff Borden, Scott T. Whitaker


Economy Shipping Co.

Pearson Hunt


CARE Commercials, Video

John A. Quelch


New Schools for New Orleans 2008

Stacey Childress, Scott Benson, Sarah Tudryn


Sun Hydraulics: Leading in Tough Times (A) (Abridged)

Linda A. Hill, Jennifer M. Suesse



Michael J. Roberts, Shripriya Mahesh


Acumen Fund: Measurement in Impact Investing (A)

Alnoor Ebrahim, V. Kasturi Rangan



Carl Hedberg, William D. Bygrave


Thr New Intimacy

Benson P. Shapiro


Adam Baxter Co./Local 190: 1985 Negotiation, Local 190 Confidential Information

Victoria Medvec, Kathleen L. McGinn


Sellars' Market

David E. Bell


Technical Note: No Assets, No Products, No Business Plan: Risks Associated with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

David P. Stowell, Deepa Pai


Glaxo Italia, S.p.A.: The Zinnat Marketing Decision, Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert F. Bruner


Sony EyeToy

Anita Elberse, Youngme Moon


Note on the Asset Management Industry

Clayton Rose, Scott Waggoner


Deutsche Lufthansa AG: A Competitive History

Matthias Hild


Choosing to Learn and Learning to Choose: Strategies for Client Co-Production and Knowledge Development

Tale Skjolsvik, Bente R. Lowendahl, Ragnhild Kvalshaugen, Siw M. Fosstenlokken


Note on the Hiring and Selection Process

Michael J. Roberts


Against the Big Four: Growth Strategies for Indigenous Chinese CPA Firms

Christine Chan, Josephine Lau


Note on Comparative Treatment of Business Method and Software Patents in the United States and European Union

Robert C. Pozen, Felicia Ellsworth


Growing Up in China: The Financing of BabyCare Ltd., Spreadsheet

Mihir A. Desai, Mark F. Veblen


Cutlass Capital, L.P.

Richard G. Hamermesh, Brian J. Delacey


Groupe Ariel S.A.: Parity Conditions and Cross-Border Valuation, Student Spreadsheet

Timothy A. Luehrman, James Quinn


Managing Variability: Process Control and Process Capability

Kamalini Ramdas


MoGen, Inc.

Kenneth Eades, Alex Holsenbeck


U.S. Gas Transportation, Inc.

John A. Davis, Myra M. Hart, Sharon I. Peyus


Seasonality in Time Series Forecasting

Larry Weatherford, Samuel E Bodily


Barco Projection Systems (C)

Rowland T. Moriarty Jr., Krista McQuade


Avon Products, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement

Jonathan Tiemann


Dogus Group: Weighing Partners for Garanti Bank

Tarun Khanna, Krishna G. Palepu, Richard J. Bullock


U.S. Retail Coffee Market (C)

George S. Yip, Jeffrey R. Williams


Sports in Your Pocket (B)

Steven Rogers, Kevin Dame



F. Warren McFarlan, Carin-Isabel Knoop, David Lane


Han Young Labor Dispute (A)

Robert E. Kennedy, Brian P. Irwin


Xerox Corp.: Leadership Through Quality (B)

Todd D. Jick


Healthcare reform and its implications for the U.S. economy

Regina E. Herzlinger


Porcini's Pronto: "Great Italian cuisine without the wait!"

James L. Heskett, Richard Luecke


Vodafone AirTouch's Bid for Mannesmann, Spreadsheet

Simi Kedia


Boston Automation Systems, Inc.

David F. Hawkins


Technology Transfer at U.S. Universities

Richard G. Hamermesh, Josh Lerner, David Kiron


StorageNetworks: Restarting a Public Company (B)

Joseph B. Lassiter, Johanna Blaxall


Mortgage Guarantee Programs and the Subprime Crisis

Dwight M. Jaffee, Michael Quigley


Cigarette Wars (A)

Mary M. Crossan, Ken Mark

TRX, Inc.: Initial Public Offering, Spreadsheet Supplement

Susan Chaplinsky, Kensei Morita, Xing Zeng


Satera Team at Imatron Systems, Inc. (B)

Teresa M. Amabile, Elizabeth A. Schatzel


Knowledge Management at Siemens Spain

Rafael Andreu, America Grau, Emma Lara, Sandra Sieber


Selling Books Online in Mid-1998

Jeffrey F. Rayport, Carin-Isabel Knoop, Cate Reavis


Ford Motor Company's Value Enhancement Plan (A), Spreadsheet Supplement

Andre F. Perold


Southern States Communications

Constance E. Bagley, Michael B. Keating


Job of the General Manager

James L. Heskett



Thomas R. Eisenmann, Jon K. Rust


How Should a Company Respond to a Product Harm Crisis? The Role of Corporate Reputation and Consumer-Based Cues

Daniel Laufer, W. Timothy Coombs


Insider Trading Quiz

Lynn Sharp Paine, Christopher M. Bruner


Race to Develop Human Insulin

Adam Brandenburger, Vijay Krishna, Paul Barese



Forest Reinhardt, Vincent Dessain, Anders Sjoman


Case Corp.

Ray A. Goldberg, Tom Clay


Plow & Hearth: Double Acquisition

L.J. Bourgeois, Tihamer Von Ghyczy, Robert D. Landel


Integrated Siting Systems, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement

Sherwood C. Frey, Dana Clyman


The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development: Tackling HIV/AIDS and Poverty in South Africa (B)

Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead


Framework for Analyzing Environmental Voluntary Agreements

Magali A. Delmas, Ann K. Terlaak


Exercises in Competitive Decision Making

Dana Clyman


Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer: Interview, Video

Todd D. Jick


UBS: Towards the Integrated Firm

Rajiv Lal, Nitin Nohria, Carin-Isabel Knoop


Paragon Corporation and Its Flight Department

Greg Bevan, James G. Clawson


Remington, Inc.: Instant Insights for Financial Ratios

Mark E. Haskins


Patrimonio Hoy

Arthur I Segel, Michael Chu, Gustavo A. Herrero


Tysons Corner

William J. Poorvu, Richard E. Crum


Uria Menendez (B) (Abridged)

Robert G. Eccles


The Politics and Economics of Accounting for Goodwill at Cisco Systems (A)

Karthik Ramanna


Commitment vs. Flexibility?

Pankaj Ghemawat, Patricio Del Sol


Superior Manufacturing Company, Spreadsheet Supplement

James W Culliton, David F. Hawkins, Jacob Cohen


Avari Ramada Hotel: Pricing Hotel Rooms

Wasim Azhar


Complexity Theory and Negotiation

Michael A. Wheeler, Gillian Morris



Hong Kong's Financial Crisis--1997-98

John Whitman, Maria J. Cascales


Managing Creativity at Shanghai Tang

Roy Y. J. Chua, Robert G. Eccles


Jet Airways (A): Weathering Turbulence

Saumitra Jha, Nathan T. Blair


Infinet Communications Inc. (B)

Kenneth G. Hardy, Meredith Lamb


Ceramics Process Systems Corp. (A)

Dorothy Leonard-Barton, Clayton M. Christensen


Hewlett-Packard: Creating a Virtual Supply Chain (B)

Carlos Cordon, Ralf W. Seifert, Petri Lehtivaara


Playa Dorada Tennis Club: Expansion Strategy, Spreadsheet Supplement

W. Earl Sasser Jr., Brent Kazan


K'NEX (C): 1994-1996, Going International

Jacques Horovitz, Els Van Weering


Rick Surpin, Video

Kirk O. Hanson


Hyundai and Kia: Automobile Branding in China

Amy Tang, Paul Y.J. Kim


Bayer AG (A)

John A. Quelch, Robin Root


KQED-TV San Francisco

Robert R. Augsburger, Ivy J. Miliman, Jon Abbott


Crawford Development Co. and Southeast Bank of Texas, Spreadsheet Supplement

Anton Ovchinnikov, Elena Loutskina


GenPharm International

George Foster, Andrea Higuera


For the Love of Good Food: The pLateTrace Project (B)

Nicole R.D. Haggerty, Andrea Jang, Rebecca Liu



Financial Reporting, Tax Reporting and the Role of Deferred Taxes

Gregory S. Miller


Negotiation Self-Assessment

Michael A. Wheeler


LEO Electron Microscopy Ltd: A Zeiss-Leica Cooperation

J. Peter Killing


Orbital Sciences Corp.: ORBCOMM

Das Narayandas, John A. Quelch


Ito Yokado

Walter J. Salmon, Kosei Furukawa, David Wylie


MRT Micro: The CardioScope

Mohanbir Sawhney, Benjamin Hill, John Miller, Peter Nylund, West Robbins, Richard Wharton, Severine Borut-Zaslavoglou


Discipline of Teams: Tallahassee Democrat, Elite Team, Video (DVD)

Douglas K. Smith


Outdoor Living Spaces Company: Financial Statement Overview

Mark E. Haskins


General Electric--Thermocouple Manufacturing (B)

David A. Garvin, Suzanne Detreville


The P&G Acquisition of Gillette

Jay W. Lorsch, Ashley C. Robertson


Mike Finkelstein (B)

Carliss Y. Baldwin, Charles Bryan, Ken Leet


Akin Ongor's Journey

Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Banco Solidario: The Business of Microfinance

Robert E. Kennedy


NEC: A New R&D Site in Princeton

Walter Kuemmerle, Kiichiro Kobayashi


Mattel Toys (A): The Financial Realignment

Michael Moffett



Extreme CCTV

Stewart Thornhill, Ken Mark


DHL Worldwide Express

John A. Quelch, Greg Conley


Sears Auto Centers (A) (Abridged)

Lynn Sharp Paine


Royal Ahold NV

Richard F. Meyer


Hewlett-Packard's Santa Rosa Systems Division (A1): The Profiling Process and Creation of the Future Model

Michael Beer, Gregory C. Rogers


Transition to General Management Website

David A. Garvin, Jeffrey A. Berger


Family Firms in the Newspaper Industry

Louis B. Barnes, Peter Botticelli


The Philippines' Rising Bioethanol Industry

Ari Luis c. Halos


Jive Software

Mark A. Stevens, Mark Leslie, Claire Magat Raffaelli


Lithonia Lighting

Nitin Nohria, James D. Berkley


Learning Through Alliances: General Motors and NUMMI

Andrew C. Inkpen


Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd.

Gary W. Loveman, Jamie O'Connell


The M&A "Pitch Book": Proposed Acquisition of Heller Financial by United Technologies Corporation

Robert F. Bruner


A Note on Management Communication: Module Four

Elizabeth A. Powell, James R. Rubin


Note on Accounting for Property, Plant and Equipment

Chris Sturby, Gillian Heisz


Old Colony Associates, Video

Linda A. Hill


Weight Watchers Mexico

David J. Arnold, Myra M. Hart, Susan S. Harmeling


British Airways: Using Information Systems to Better Serve the Customer

W. Earl Sasser Jr., Norman Klein


Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.: Universal Design Marketing Strategy

Cynthia A. Ingols, James L. Mueller


Supplier Diversity and Supply Chain Managment: A Strategic Approach

Henry Adobor, Ronald McMullen


Citigroup: Re-Branding in 2007 (B)

Rohit Deshpande, Carin-Isabel Knoop


Electronic Arts in Online Gaming

Thomas R. Eisenmann, Justin Wong


Dominion Engineering Works

Christopher A. Bartlett, Gary A. Gerttula


MINI USA: Finding a New Advertising Agency (A)

David B. Godes


Sabena Belgian World Airlines: A Delegation of Chefs

Mary M. Crossan, Barbara Pierce


Offshoring at Global Information Systems, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement

William E. Fruhan


Bid Week Shirts: Tees R Us

Allison S. Hastings, Sherwood C. Frey, Lucien Bass


Managing Major Accounts

Frank V. Cespedes


File Sharing and Napster

R. Edward Freeman, Jenny Mead, Gerry Yemen


Focus Media (A): Building a Chinese Media Giant

George Foster, Ning Jia, David W. Hoyt


David Villa's Personal Financial Plan

Chuck Grace

The Pitcairn Family Heritage Fund, Spreadsheet Supplement

Belen Villalonga


Metreke Cards

Steven C. Wheelwright


Note on Industry Peer Networks

Ezra Zuckerman, Stoyan V. Sgourev


Genzyme's Gaucher Initiative: Global Risk and Responsibility

Christopher A. Bartlett, Andrew N. McLean


Kansas City Zephyrs Baseball Club, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement

Kenneth A. Merchant, Krishna G. Palepu, Joseph P. Mulloy


Evolving from Information to Insight

Glover T. Ferguson, Sanjay Mathur, Baiju Shah


Disposable Diaper Industry in 1974, Master Diskette

Pankaj Ghemawat, Michael E. Porter


Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

James E. Hatch, Amanda Clark


Prepare/21 at Beth Israel Hospital (B)

Raymond A. Friedman, Caitlin Deinard


Unicon Concrete Products (H.K.) Ltd.

Robert Klassen, P. Fraser Johnson


Diversified Electronics Corporation

Robert J. Sack


Corporate Governance: The Jack Wright Series #6--CEO Performance Appraisal and Compensation (B)

John L. Colley, Wallace Stettinius


Ripe 'n Ready

Ray A. Goldberg, Laura Winig


Managing the Strategic Dynamics of Acquisition Integration: Lessons from HP and Compaq

Robert A. Burgelman, Webb McKinney


PharmaPlus in Hungary

David W. Conklin, Jeffrey Gandz, Trevor Hunter



A Tale of Two Turnarounds at EDS: The Jordan Rules

James Shein, Rebecca Frazzano, Evan Meagher


Dabbawallahs of Mumbai (A)

Larry Menor, Chandra Sekhar Ramasastry


Cemex and Antidumping

David P. Baron, Justin Adams


Strategic Direction at Quack.com (B)

Kenneth G. Hardy, Amy J. Hillman, Benji Shomair


Jim Sawyer (A)

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Dekkers L. Davidson


New Product Development, Business Fundamentals Series (2nd Edition)

Conrad Berenson, Marco Iansiti, Thomas J. Kosnik, V. Kasturi Rangan, Stefan Thomke, Gary S. Lynn, Iris Mohr-Jackson, Behnam Tabrizi, Rick Walleigh, Steven C. Wheelwright, Alan MacCormack


Gorenje D.D.: Evolution or Revolution

Lynn Isabella, Hatem Hatem, Nenad Filopovic, Gerry Yemen


Avaya (C): Implementing Demand Generation in Brazil

David B. Godes


Forecasting with Regression Analysis

Arthur Schleifer Jr.


Deere & Co. Worldwide Logistics

P. Fraser Johnson


WebMD (B)

Peter J. Coughlan, Debbie Freier


Havells India: The Sylvania Acquisition Decision (A)

Charles Dhanaraj, K. Ramachandran, Swetha Dasari


Clark Material Handling Group-Overseas: Brazilian Product Strategy (D)

Darrel G. Clarke


Globalization Threatens Canada's Auto Industry: Implications for the Economy and Society

David W. Conklin, Danielle Cadieux


Diageo plc, Speadsheet Supplement

George Chacko, Peter Tufano, Joshua Musher



Swimming in the Virtual Community Pool with PlentyofFish

Michael Parent, Wilfred Cheung, Chris Ellison, Prathena Kumar, Jeremy Kyle, Stacey Morrison


Managing Interpersonal Feedback

Louis B. Barnes


Knowledge Management and Competition in the Consulting Industry

Miklos Sarvary


Beaufort's Drop and Swap (A)

Laurence G. Mueller


Spreading Happiness: Warm Fuzz Cards

Colleen Sharen


ALPES S.A.: A Joint Venture Proposal (B)

Henry W. Lane, Dennis Shaughnessy, David T.A. Wesley


Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.: Supply Management, Addendum

Francis J. Aguilar, Xin X He, Paul Clark


HBS Inc. Simulation Model, Spreadsheet

Peter Tufano, Joshua Musher


MedMira Laboratories: The U.S. OTC Decision

Julia Sagebien


Bang & Olufsen: Design Driven Innovation

Daniela Beyersdorfer, Robert D. Austin


Salesforce.com: The Evolution of Marketing Systems

Antonio Davila, Jeffrey Eisen


Charting a Path Toward Integrated Solutions

Andrew Davies, Tim Brady, Michael Hobday


K2: Brotherhood of the Rope (B)

James G. Clawson, Gerry Yemen


Global Source Healthcare: To Start or Not to Start

Donald Barclay, Eric A. Morse, Shamail Siddiqi


Drawn and Quarterly

Fernando Olivera


Adam Root, MD (B)

Alexander Horniman, Scott T. Josephs

Web and IT Hosting Facilities, Technology Note

Robert D. Austin


Ingersoll-Rand (C): Managing Multiple Channels--1987

V. Kasturi Rangan


Competing through Business Models (B): Competitive Strategy vs. Business Models, Module Note

Ramon Casadesus - Masanell, Joan Enric Ricart


Parmalat Uruguay (A)

Paul W. Marshall, Gustavo A. Herrero


The Newspaper Industry in Crisis

David J. Collis, Peter W. Olson, Mary Furey


Now Everybody Can Fly: AirAsia

Joan Enric Ricart, Daxue Wang


Lucent Technologies, Inc. (A)

L.J. Bourgeois, Anthony Hamilton-Little


Dynamic Synchronization of Strategy and Information Technology

C.K. Prahalad, M.S. Krishnan


Technical Note on Equity-Linked Consideration, Part 1: All-Stock Deals

Carliss Y. Baldwin


Kedaung Industrial Ltd., Video

Louis T. Wells Jr.


The Israel Cancer Association (A)

June West, Ilan S. Cohen, Gerry Yemen


Moet-Hennessy Group

Malcolm S. Salter, Irence L. Sinrich


Mercy Corps: Positioning the Organization to Reach New Heights

Allen Grossman, Caroline King


Agnellis and the Fiat Group: The Story of a Family Empire (A)

Josep Tapies, Francesca Toninato


U.S. Airline Industry--1978-88 (A)

Pankaj Ghemawat, Nancy Donohue



Sovereign Bancorp and Relational Investors: The Role of the Activist Hedge Fund

David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan


Intel in Wireless in 2006 (A): Tackling the Cellular Industry

Robert A. Burgelman


Margaret Thatcher

Herminia Ibarra, Jennifer M. Suesse


Omnicom's No-No (B)

Todd Pulvino, James Litinsky


Business, Law, and Society: The Systems Approach to Law and Management

Constance E. Bagley


Snow Canyon Resort: Paradise Ski Lift

Robert D. Landel, Christopher DePaul, Sungnam "Kevin" Kim


Note on Home Video Game Technology and Industry Structure (Abridged)

Peter J. Coughlan


Nine Dragons Paper-2009

Michael Moffett, Brenda Adelson


Life Journey Profile: Mark Goldweitz

Bhaskar Chakravorti, Shirley M. Spence


Matt Coffin

William Bygrave, Carl Hedberg


Mozilla: Scaling Through a Community of Volunteers

Hayagreeva Rao, Robert I. Sutton, David W. Hoyt


Louis Gerstner and Lotus Development (A)

Joseph Harder, Tak Kato


Tom Tierney at Bain & Co. (C)

Ashish Nanda, Perry L. Fagan


The End of Oil

Anita McGahan


Mercury Athletic: Valuing the Opportunity Case Exhibits, Spreadsheet Supplement

Timothy A. Luehrman, Joel L. Heilprin


Procter & Gamble Japan (A), Spreadsheet Supplement

Michael Y. Yoshino, Paul H. Stoneham

The Piercer

Colleen Sharen, Nicole Nolan


Habitat for Humanity London: The Challenge of Growth

Remi Trudel, June Cotte


Khosla Ventures: Investing in Ethanol

Erica Plambeck, Joshua Spitzer


Pricing for Profit: The UK Credit Card Industry in the Late 1980s (C)

Harborne W. Stuart Jr.


Massive Inc. (B)

Clark Gilbert, Joseph B. Lassiter


McDonald's: Super-Sized Troubles (A)

Michael A. Roberto


Skyhook Wireless

Shikhar Ghosh, Thomas R. Eisenmann


Singapore Airlines: Customer Service Innovation

Rohit Deshpande, Hal Hogan


Extraordinary Value Partners, LLC Exhibits Spreadsheet, Spreadsheet Supplement

Ravi Jagannathan, Paul Gao, Eric Green


Pervasis Therapeutics, Inc.

Robert F. Higgins, Virginia A. Fuller


Strategic Outsourcing: Leveraging Knowledge Capabilities

James Brian Quinn


Capabilities for Managing a Portfolio of Supplier Relationships

Stephan M. Wagner, Roman Boutellier


Doyle's Dealmaking Dilemma (A): Negotiating the Job Search

James K. Sebenius


McDonald's Corp. (Abridged)

David M. Upton


Financial Restatements: Methods Companies Use to Distort Financial Performance

Madhav V. Rajan, Brian Tayan



What a Great Idea

Myra M. Hart, Susan S. Harmeling


Creative Capital: Sustaining the Arts

G. Felda Hardymon, Ann Leamon


Carlyle Japan (B)

David B. Godes, Masako Egawa, Mayuka Yamazaki


ZOOTS: The Cleaner Cleaner

Myra M. Hart, Sharon I. Peyus


George's T-Shirts Addendum

Sherwood C. Frey


Bayer & Millennium Pharmaceuticals: Success Based on Perfect Interaction

Alicia Loffler, Markus Solf, Edward J. Zajac


Air France Internet Marketing: Optimizing Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Kayak Sponsored Search

Mark Jeffery, Lisa Egli, Andy Gieraltowski, Jessica Lambert, Jason Miller, Liz Neely, Rakesh Sharma


Thought Leader Interview: Elinor Ostrom

Elinor Ostrom, Karen Christensen


MercadoLibre.com (B)

Joel Podolny, Andrea Higuera, Lauren Pressman


Unilever's Mission for Vitality

David Austen-Smith, Adam Galinsky, Katherine H. Chung, Christy LaVanway


G. Heileman Brewing Co. (B): The "Nightline" Decision

Stephen A. Greyser, Wendy Schille


Ethical Choices in the Design and Administration of Executive Compensation Programs

William J. Heisler, Ronald McMullen


Innovation and efficiency: It is possible to have it all

Matthew Sarkees, John S. Hulland



Samuel E Bodily


Intrinsix: Managing Growth at an Electronic Design Service Company

H. Kent Bowen, Courtney Purrington



Partners HealthCare System, Inc. (B): Cardiac Care Improvement

Gary P. Pisano, Maryam Golnaraghi


Thurgood Marshall High School

John J. Gabarro


Statements of Cash Flows: Three Examples, Spreadsheet Supplement

William J. Bruns Jr., Julie H. Hertenstein


Mini Law School

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, David House


Fannie and Freddie and FInancing the American Dream

Mark Eaker, Sayan Chatterjee, Charles Shepard


Venture Capital Fund Restructuring Vignettes (Abridged)

Paul A. Gompers


Northrop vs. TRW

Carliss Y. Baldwin, James Quinn


Stonyfield Farm: September 1994

Amar V. Bhide, Mark Thurber


Savage Beast (A1)

Noam Wasserman, LP Maurice


South Africa: Getting in GEAR

Richard H.K. Vietor


Federal Express: The Money Back Guarantee (E)

Christopher W.L. Hart


Fremont Financial Corp.

Erik Sirri, Ann Zeitung


3 Fellers Bakery

Edward D. Hess


Strategic Conversations at Suncorp Commercial Insurance (C)

Jeanne M. Liedtka


Restoring Trust at WorldCom

Jay W. Lorsch, Ashley C. Robertson


Knowlton Roberts (B)

Lynn Isabella

YES BANK: Mainstreaming Development into Indian Banking

Michael Chu, Namrata Arora


VidaGas: VillageReach - The Mozambican Foundation for Community Development Joint Venture

Noel Watson, Santiago Kraiselburd


Whose Money Is It Anyway? (A)

V.G. Narayanan, Richard G. Hamermesh, Rachel Gordon


Global Expansion at Sanford C. Bernstein

Linda A. Hill, Dana M. Teppert


CDG: Managing in China's Economic Transformation

Roy Y. J. Chua, Shaohui Chen, Lisa B. Kwan


Lessons from Everest: The Interaction of Cognitive Bias, Psychological Safety, and System Complexity

Michael A. Roberto


SOS-Kinderdorf International: Caring for Orphaned Children

V. Kasturi Rangan


Magic Matrix: Products and Accounts

Benson P. Shapiro


Hewlett-Packard: Lexmark in 2001

Charlene Zietsma, Ken Mark


Bohemian Crowns: Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka (A)

Rawi Abdelal, Vincent Dessain, Monika Stachowiak


AdNet (E)

Ashish Nanda


MGM Mirage's Bid for Mandalay Resort Group (A): Communicating During the Merger Process

Gregory S. Miller, Michael D. Kimbrough


Phon-Tech Corporation

Robert F. Bruner


Hospital Software Solutions (B)

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Jason Stornelli


Right Clients, Right Way: Successes and Challenges of Brand Consultant Tommy Li

Kevin Au, Bernard Suen, Na Shen, Justine Tang

Vic Young and Fishery Products International (B): Winds of Change

John Melnyk, W. Glenn Rowe, Tami L. Hynes


Renewing Germany: Kohl's Legacy and Schroeder's Dilemma

Huw Pill, Ingrid Vogel, Michael W. Linse, Marie-Anne Popp


Note on Competitive Positioning

Anita McGahan


Y U Ranch: Strategy and Sustainability in Cattle Ranching (B)

Pratima Bansal, Pam Laughland, Brent McKnight


Adobe Systems, Inc.

Mary Tripsas


Recyclers v. Superfund (D): The Politics of "Unintended Consequences"

Daniel Diermeier, Herschel Cutler, Cutler Jonathan, Jonathan Cutler


Tire City, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement

W. Carl Kester

Ducati: Frederico Minoli, Video

Giovanni Gavetti


General Mills' Acquisition of Pillsbury from Diageo PLC

Robert F. Bruner


Disney in a Digital World (A)

Robert A. Burgelman, Jim Kolotouros, Jeff Maggioncalda


Process Fundamentals

Ann E. Gray, James Leonard


A Note on Rights

R. Edward Freeman, Scott Sonenshein



Sean Harrington, Peter Reiss


Elite Personal Training

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Nina Gupta


The Battle of the Asian Transshipment Hubs: PSA versus PTP (B)

Ming-Jer Chen, Jin Leong



Innovation in Government: The United States Department of Defense - Two Cases

Michael J. Lippitz, Robert C. Wolcott


China: The Political System

Regina Abrami


British Steel Corp.: The Korf Contract

John P. Kotter, John M. Stengrevics


Publicis Groupe (A): Leading Creative Acquisitions

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ryan Leo Raffaelli


The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Inc.: To Acquire or Not to Acquire? An Update

Juan Alcacer, David J. Collis, Mary Furey


Leading the Josie Esquivel Franchise (A)

Boris Groysberg, Laura Morgan Roberts


Information Privacy and Marketing: What the U.S. Should (and Shouldn't) Learn from Europe

H. Jeff Smith


Kellogg-Worthington Merger

L.J. Bourgeois, Luis Franco, Margaret Cording


Honey Care Africa (B): Opportunity Knocks

Oana Branzei, Michael Valente


Shinsei Bank (D)

Michael Y. Yoshino, Perry L. Fagan


The Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc.

Richard Bohmer, Stephen P. Bradley, Natalie Kindred


Friend Bank: The Time for Hope

Clayton Rose, Aldo Sesia


Fifth Street Jewelers: Miller Moran

Sherwood C. Frey



Adam Brandenburger, Vijay Krishna


Tobacco Negotiations

Michael A. Wheeler, Georgia Levenson


Z Corp.

Joseph B. Lassiter, Matthew C. Lieb

Tips for Managing Career Transitions and Your Golf Game: Lessons and Teaching from Harvey Penick's Little Red Book

Candida G. Brush


WIPHOLD (C): Managing the 2002 Crisis (Abridged)

Benoit Leleux, Hischam El-Agamy, Mope Ogunsulire


Pharmaceutical Industry: Challenges in the New Century

Stephen P. Bradley, James Weber


Strategies for Preventing a Knowledge-Loss Crisis

Salvatore Parise, Rob Cross, Thomas H. Davenport


China's Telecommunications Industry in 2004

Ali Farhoomand, Zhigang Tao, Jiang Ying, Liu Tian Xiang


Med-Mart: Transitioning the Business Model (A)

James Lattin, Mark Leslie, Erin Yurday


Buckman Laboratories (B)

William E. Fulmer


Navistar International

Stuart C. Gilson, Jeremy Cott


Laidlaw: The Resignation of James R. Bullock

Joseph N. Fry


GOME Home Appliance Co., Ltd.

Dongsheng Zhou, Kevin Lv


Arauco (B): "Papel" in Brazil

Ramon Casadesus - Masanell, Jorge Tarzijan, Jordan Mitchell


Negotiating with "Romans"--Part 1

Stephen Weiss


Jan Eriksson at Novartis Indonesia (A)

Carin-Isabel Knoop, Anthony St. George


Organizational DNA for Strategic Innovation

Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble


Restructuring Navigator Gas Transport Plc., Supplement Spreadsheet

C. Fritz Foley



Double-Goal Coach (B): "Honoring the Game"

Chip Heath, Victoria Chang


To JV or Not To JV? That is the Question (for XTech in China)

Daniel J. Isenberg, Paul W. Marshall


Lisa Sherman (B)

Jens Audenaert


lululemon athletica: Extending the Brand to the Menswear Market

Eric A. Morse, Ken Mark


Maple Leaf Foods (A): Leading Six Sigma Change

Brian Golden, Ken Mark


Evergreen Executive Education, LLC

Mark E. Haskins


Star River Electronics Ltd., Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert F. Bruner, Robert M. Conroy, Kenneth Eades, Sean Carr


Loblaw Companies Ltd.: Differentiation in the 90s and Beyond

Ray A. Goldberg, Thomas N. Urban


Negotiating the Right to Know: Rhone-Poulenc and Manchester, Texas (A1)

Michael A. Wheeler


Marie Trellu-Kane at Unis-Cite, (Video) DVD

Michel Anteby, Julie Battilana


Learning with Cases

Thomas V. Bonoma


Porter Airlines: A Political Fight for Flight

Guy Holburn, Michael Deluce


Ocean & Oil Holdings and the Leveraged Buyout of Agip Nigeria (C)

Peter Hecht, Onche Ugbabe


Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (D)

Dominique Turpin, Rebecca Chung


Dynamic Portfolio Performance, Spreadsheet Supplement

Yiorgos Allayannis, Alec Bocock


Workplace Design: A New Managerial Imperative

Jeffrey K. Chan, Sara L. Beckman, Peter G. Lawrence


To Move or Not to Move: Cathay Pacific Airways

Ali F. Farhoomand, Pauline Ng, Loretta Tsang


Arrow Electronics--The Apollo Acquistion

Stephen P. Kaufman


Effects of Participation on B2B Exchanges: A Resource-Based View

Andrea Ordanini


ING and Global Financial Integration (B)

David W. Conklin, Danielle Cadieux


Hoechst in the United States (A)

Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, Krista McQuade


Fighting AIDS and Pricing Drugs

John T. Gourville


Angel Investing: Innovation Within the Establishment

John W. Glynn Jr., Janet Feldstein


Corporate Strategy: A Conceptual Framework

David J. Collis


Sleeman Breweries Limited

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Darren Henderson


Merging Esso Iceland and Bilanaust (A)

Ken Mark, Gerard Seijts


Railroads and the Beginnings of Modern Management

Alfred D. Chandler Jr.


Anderson Steel Service, Inc.

John A. Davis


Retail Financial Services in 1998: First Union

Stephen P. Bradley, Takia Mahmood



Joseph B. Lassiter, Johanna Blaxall


Yodlee Inc.--The VerticalOne Integration (A)

John Melnyk, Darren Meister

Mile High Cycles

William J. Bruns Jr., David J. Ellison


Neeley University Investment Management Co.

George Chacko, Colin McGrady, Ian Charles, Veeral Rathod


EFI, Inc. (B)

David B. Godes, Lauren Barley


Decline and Dispersion of Marketing Competence

Frederick E. Webster Jr., Alan J. Malter, Shankar Ganesan


Ducati & Texas Pacific Group: A "Wild Ride" Leveraged Buyout

Walter Kuemmerle, William J. Coughlin


Competing for Development (B4): International Lifeline Fund

Oana Branzei, Samer Abdelnour


TiVo: Changing the Face of Television

Mohanbir Sawhney, Sean Alexis, Zack Gund, Lee Jacobek, Ted Kasten, Doug Kilponen,Andrew Malkin


General Electric: Strategic Planning, Corporate Goals, and the Job of the Chief Executive, Video

Richard G. Hamermesh, Francis J. Aguilar


Threshold Sports

Richard G. Hamermesh, Todd Thedinga


Disney (C): The Mouse in Times Square

Michael A. Wheeler, Georgia Levenson, Thomas D. Dretler


A Note on Management Communication: Module One

Elizabeth A. Powell, James R. Rubin


LongXi Machinery Works: Quality Improvement (B)

Robert Klassen, Larry Li, Tom Gleave


Four Products: Predicting Diffusion (2008)

John T. Gourville


Whitbread PLC (A)

Michael Beer, James Weber


Siemens AG: Global Development Strategy (B)

Stefan Thomke, Ashok Nimgade

Laura Esserman - Paths to Power (Part 1), (Video) DVD

Jeffrey Pfeffer


RetailSoft: Role for Regan Kessel

Dina Witter, Hannah Riley Bowles, Kathleen L. McGinn


Looking for Muda

Elliot N. Weiss


Introduction to Least-Squares Modeling

Phillip E. Pfeifer


Vick International Division: Tom McGuire

Richard F. Vancil, Paul C. Browne


Competing for Development (C): Success, Bittersweet

Oana Branzei, Samer Abdelnour


Crescent Standard Investment Bank Limited - Governance Failure

Muntazar B. Ahmed


Corning: Convertible Preferred Stock, Spreadsheet

Malcolm P. Baker, James Quinn


FlightSafety International (A)

Michael G. Rukstad


Aristotle Onassis and the Greek Shipping Industry

Geoffrey G. Jones, Paul Gomopoulos


Butler Lumber Co., Spreadsheet

Thomas R. Piper


Microfinancing in Tanzania

Ali Farhoomand, Prasun Choudhary


Wireless Telecom Negotiation

Jay O. Light


Myelin Repair Foundation: Accelerating Drug Discovery Through Collaboration

Karim R. Lakhani, Paul R Carlile


Vodafone Qatar: Building a Telco in the Gulf

Juan Alcacer, Andrew Goodman


Market Making Exercise

Malcolm P. Baker

Otis Elevator: Accelerating Business Transformation with IT

F. Warren McFarlan, Brian J. Delacey


Quaker Steel and Alloy Corp., Action Plan

John J. Gabarro



Andrew Rachleff, Bethany Coates


Calveta Dining Services, Inc.: A Recipe for Growth?

James L. Heskett, Patricia Girardi


Note on the Retailing Industry

David E. Bell, Ann Leamon


Airline Security

Robert D. Landel


Robert Mondavi Corp.: Caliterra (B)

Brian R. Golden, Henry W. Lane, David T.A. Wesley


The Pacific LNG Project

Michael Moffett


Wal-Mart Tries on Cheap Chic

Lauranne Buchanan


Grupo ASSA, S.A. (A)

Anne Donnellon, Jeffry A. Timmons, Sue Mundell


Sustainable Growth and the Interdependence of Financial Goals and Policies

David W. Mullins Jr.


Barry Riceman at NetD (B)

Lee Fleming, Matt Marx


PeopleSoft Finally Accepts Oracle's Offer (B)

Robert M. Daines, Davina Drabkin


Johnson Controls, Inc.: Automotive Systems Group, The Georgetown, Kentucky Plant

Paul Milgrom, D. John Roberts


Note on Financial Contracting: "Deals"

William A. Sahlman


Sun Life Financial: Planning for the Future

Stephen R. Foerster, Tony S. Frost, Eric A. Morse, Ken Mark

Aesthetics and Ephemerality: Observing and Preserving the Luxury Brand

Leyland Pitt, Pierre R. Berthon, Michael Parent, Jean-Paul Berthon


Growth at Stein, Bodello & Associates, Inc.

Allan R. Cohen


Dunfey Hotels Corp.

Christopher H. Lovelock, Robert J. Kopp


Shady Trail

Arthur I Segel


Continuing Transformation of Asahi Glass: Implementing EVA, Spreadsheet

Mihir A. Desai, Masako Egawa, Yanjun Wang


GM Powertrain

Amy C. Edmondson, Mikelle F. Eastley


Liquid Gold: Calambra Olive Oil (A)

Phillip E. Pfeifer, Dana Clyman, Laura Kornish, Jim Smith


Walden Woods

William J. Poorvu, Arthur I Segel


Rambus, Inc.: Commercializing the Billion Dollar Idea (B)

Brian S. Silverman, Briana Huntsberger


Introduction to Optimization Models

Robert I Carraway


Overview of Project Finance--2004 Update

Benjamin C. Esty, Aldo Sesia


Interview with Vittorio Merloni, Video

Joseph L. Bower


Learning From Collaboration: Knowledge and Networks in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

Walter W. Powell


New York Life Insurance Co.: Pension Department

Robert J. Dolan


Intel and WiMAX in 2010

Robert A. Burgelman, Debra Schifrin



Intel's Pentium: When the Chips are Down (B)

Stephen A. Greyser


Reaching the Bottom: UniGlobe's Small Local Stores Dilemma

Clayton M. Christensen, Lana Newishy


Ockham Technologies: Living on the Razor's Edge (Abridged)

Noam Wasserman


Rosenbluth International Mexico (Abridged)

John Kamauff, David L. Ager


Finland's S Group: Competing with a Cooperative Approach to Retail

Ramon Casadesus - Masanell, Tarun Khanna, Samuli Skurnik, Jordan Mitchell


Power Play (B): Sega in 16-bit Video Games

Adam Brandenburger


Global Strategic Management, Module Note

Jordan Siegel


Sanofi-Synthelabo and Aventis: The Birth of a National Champion (A)

Barbara S. Petitt


Essence of Professionalism: Managing Conflict of Interest

Ashish Nanda


Patent & License Exchange: Enabling a Global IP Marketplace

Henry W. Chesbrough, Edward Smith


Strategic Integration: Competing in the Age of Capabilities

Peter H. Fuchs, Kenneth E. Mifflin, Danny Miller, John O. Whitney


Hong Kong's National Information Infrastructure

Ali F. Farhoomand, Pauline Ng


Black & Decker Corp.: Spacemaker Plus Coffeemaker (A)

N. Craig Smith


Flowers Industries, Inc. (Abridged), Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert F. Bruner, Stephanie Summers


Resina: Managing Operations in China

Paul W. Beamish, Jordan Mitchell


International Rivers Network and the Bujagali Dam Project (A), Spreadsheet

Benjamin C. Esty, Aldo Sesia

Future of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

John T. Gourville, David Lane, Alice Tzou


The Changing of the Guard: Planning for Succession at Madison Children's Foundation (A)

Liz Livingston Howard


Franco Bernabe at ENI (D): Code of Practice



Akron Foundry

Sherwood C. Frey


Cleveland Turnaround (B): Building on Progress--1989-96

James E. Austin, Andrea L. Strimling


CML Group, Inc.: Going Public (C)

William A. Sahlman


The Black-Scholes Option-Pricing Model

Robert S. Harris, Robert M. Conroy


Teach For America: The Bay Area Expansion

James A. Phills, Debbie Choy, Justin McNabney, Erica Vaughan, Yubo Zhou


Energizing Cities: Lighting the Way Forward

Janet Sawin, Kristen Hughes


Business and Human Rights

Lynn Sharp Paine, Lara Adamsons


Indupalma (A1): The Initial Years, 1961-1977

Diana Fernandez, Diana M. Trujillo, Roberto Gutierrez


EMC Corp.: Proposed Acquisition of VMware

Constance E. Bagley, Christopher J. Lombardi, Carin-Isabel Knoop



Robert D. Austin


Komatsu: Ryoichi Kawai's Leadership

Christopher A. Bartlett


AMG, Inc. & Forsythe Solutions: Lease vs. Buy Decisions, Supplement (Spreadsheet)

Mark Jeffery, H. Nevin Ekici, Cassidy Shield, Mike Conley



Rethinking the New Corporate Philanthropy

Craig M. Sasse, Ryan T. Trahan, Jamie D Collins


Is Your Project Turning into a Black Hole?

Mark Keil, Magnus M hring



Mary E. Barth, Fraser Preston


Signode Industries, Inc. (B)

Rowland T. Moriarty Jr., Gordon Swartz


Banking on Germany?

Jeffrey Fear


Transforming Arizona's Health Care System: Developing and Implementing the Health-e Connection Roadmap

Lynda M. Applegate, Ajay Vinze, T.S. Raghu, Minu Ipe


The Morrison Company, Spreadsheet Supplement

Steven C. Wheelwright, Paul S. Myers


Naming the Edsel (Condensed)

Susan Fournier, Andrea Wojnicki


Snow Brand Milk Products (C): 2009--Remaining Challenges

Jenny Mead, Regina Wolfe, Akira Saito, Daryl Koehn


What Can a Mosquito Do to an Elephant? (C)

Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead, Mollie Painter-Moreland

Ginny's Restaurant

Mark Mitchell

Mobile Banking for the Unbanked

V. Kasturi Rangan, Katharine Lee


Lufthansa: To Hedge or Not to Hedge...

Stephen Sapp


Allen-Bradley's ICCG: Repositioning for the 1990s

Nitin Nohria, James D. Berkley


SchoolNet: Pursuing Opportunity Beyond Federal Mandates

Stacey Childress


Arbor Health Care Co.

Myra M. Hart, Stephanie Dodson


The Seven Questions of Marketing Strategy

 Paul W. Farris, Mark Parry, Rajkumar Venkatesan 


Levi Strauss & Co.: Global Sourcing (B)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Jane Palley Katz


Are Professional Board Directors the Answer?

Eugene H. Fram


George Martin at The Boston Consulting Group (C)

Leslie A. Perlow, Kerry Herman


Marketing Antidepressants: Prozac and Paxil

Youngme Moon, Kerry Herman


Robb Fitzgerald at Comvia Networks

Robert F. Bruner, Gerry Yemen


How to Perform Sensitivity Analysis with a Data Table

Mark Jeffery, Chris Rzymski


Loewen Group

Mary M. Crossan, Ariff Kachra


Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation: "Reverse BOT"

Willy Shih


Noranda, Inc.: Mining, Smelting, and Sustainability?

Richard H.K. Vietor


San Patrignano Community (C)

Piero Morosini, Ulrich Steger, Karin Isberg


Metso Paper: Globalization of Finnish Metal Workshops

Lynda M. Applegate, Marikka Heikkila, Kalle Lyytinen


Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals: Integrated Strategy for a Development Stage Molecular Medicine Company

David P. Baron, Aneesha Capur


Planned Parenthood Federation of America (A)

V. Kasturi Rangan, Elaine V. Backman



Note on Fiscal Policy--1937-61

Thomas K. McCraw, Daniel A. Pope


Shanghai Jahwa: Liushen Shower Cream (B)

Niraj Dawar, Peter Yuan


Discipline of Teams: Magma Metals Co., Video (DVD)

Douglas K. Smith


Robert Mondavi: Competitive Strategy

Michael E. Porter, Gregory C. Bond


Advising on Currency Risk at ICICI Bank

George Chacko, Marti G. Subrahmanyam, Vincent Dessain, Anders Sjoman



Michael Hattersley


Acorda Therapeutics: Rebuilding the Spinal Cord

Fiona Murray, Marina Kolesnik, Juan Enriquez, Jonathan West


Ashdown Contracting

Joseph B. Lassiter, Firas Alkhatib


Intel Labs (A): Photolithography Strategy in Crisis

Henry W. Chesbrough


Trisha Wilson of Wilson & Associates

Teresa M. Amabile, Sarah Thorp


Stitch It Group Inc. (B)

Ken Mark, David Simpson


Bell Atlantic and the Union City Schools (D): Results and Replication

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ellen Pruyne


KPMG (B): Risk and Reform

Robert G. Eccles, Eliot Sherman


Ceres Gardening Company: Funding Growth in Organic Products, Spreadsheet for Students

Sunru Yong, John H. McArthur


Japan Confronts an Interdependent World, Supplement

George C. Lodge


When Investing and Social Objectives Meet

Gregory S. Miller, Vincent Dessain, Anders Sjoman


Dawn Riley at America True (B)

Linda A. Hill, Kristin C. Doughty


Manville Corp. Fiber Glass Group (C) (Abridged)

Lynn Sharp Paine


India (A)

Richard H.K. Vietor, Waleed J. Iskandar, Max L. Weston


Vermeer Technologies (A1): Hiring the CEO

Ashish Nanda, Takia Mahmood


Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

William E. Fruhan


Lesser Antilles Lines: The Island of San Huberto

Phillip E. Pfeifer, James V. Gelly


Body Benefits

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Neeta Khera


Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering

David M. Upton, Bowon Kim


Owens & Minor, Inc. (B)

V.G. Narayanan, Lisa Brem


Knox Electronics

Robert D. Landel, Amit Mukherjee



Richard S. Ruback, Royce Yudkoff


Prodigy Services Co. (C)

Lynn Sharp Paine


Philipp Justus at eBay Germany (B)

Linda A. Hill


Variance Analysis Tutorial

David F. Hawkins, Jacob Cohen


Eskimo Pie Corp. (Abridged), Spreadsheet

Richard S. Ruback



MySoftware (B): Finding a New Direction

H. Kent Bowen, Steven J. Spear, Nicole Tempest


Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Nancy F. Koehn


Ron Perez (B)

Lynn Sharp Paine


Tax-Motivated Film Financing at Rexford Studios

Mihir A. Desai, Mark F. Veblen, Gabriel J. Loeb


BetterLiving Patio Rooms

Dan D'Heilly, William D. Bygrave


Francisco de Narvaez at Tia (A)

Linda A. Hill, Stacy Palestrant


Hampton Machine Tool Company, Spreadsheet Supplement

David W. Mullins Jr.


David Neeleman: Flight Path of a Servant Leader (A)

William W. George, Matthew D. Breitfelder


Carrefour S.A.

Michael J. Schill


Fidelity Incorporated: Pricing the Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund

Ronald T Wilcox


Boston Chicken, Inc.: 4 1/2% Convertible Subordinated Debentures Due 2004

Robert F. Bruner


Slowing the Adoption and Diffusion Process to Enhance Brand Repositioning: The Consumer Driven Repositioning of Dunlop Volley

Michael Beverland, Michael Ewing


Equity on Demand: The Netflix Approach to Compensation

David F. Larcker, Allan McCall, Brian Tayan


Genetic Testing and the Puzzles We Are Left To Solve (D)

R. Edward Freeman, Stacy Pierce


Dupont (A): Understanding the Customer's Activity Cycle

Sandra Vandermerwe, Marika Taishoff



Komatsu Ltd.

Christopher A. Bartlett, U. Srinivasa Rangan


Note on Tax and Accounting Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

David M. Meerschwam


Ten Thousand Villages of Cincinnati: The First Year and Beyond

Mary Conway Dato-on


Dell's Working Capital

Richard S. Ruback, Aldo Sesia


OppenheimerFunds and Take-Two Interactive (B)

Jay W. Lorsch, Kaitlyn Simpson, Andrew Hill


R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

William J. Bruns Jr., Charles A. Nichols


Refinancing of Shanghai General Motors (B)

Mihir A. Desai, Mark F. Veblen


Philip Morris Companies and Kraft, Inc.

Richard S. Ruback


Microsoft Xbox: Changing the Game?

Andrei Hagiu


Frameworks for General Management and Operations Consulting

Elliot N. Weiss


The Ford Fiesta

John Deighton, Leora Kornfeld


Eric Weiss

Vijay V. Sathe, Jay Conger


Safeway, Inc.'s Leveraged Buyout (C): Media Response

Karen H. Wruck, Steve-Anna Stephens


Polaris Management: The Logstor Ror A/S Journey

Susan Chaplinsky, Julie Engell, Elena Loutskina


Note on Antidilution Provisions: Typology and a Numerical Example

Walter Kuemmerle


Ethics Management at a Small Cross-Border Enterprise (B): Misconduct in a Public Office

Jeroen Van Den Berg, Say Goo

Strategic Management of Product Recovery

Michael W. Toffel


Limited Liability Companies

Henry B. Reiling


Collabrys, Inc. (A)--The Evolution of a Startup

Dorothy Leonard, Brian J. Delacey


WFNX-107.7 FM and Boston's Radio Wars

Robert J. Kopp, Bradley M. Mindich


Mark Logan at Visx, Inc. (A)

Gosia Glinska, Philippe Sommer


Honda-Rover (A): Crafting an Alliance

James K. Sebenius, Ashish Nanda, Ron S. Fortgang


Eddie Bauer, Inc.

David E. Bell, Ann Leamon


Interview with William Amelio, CEO, Lenovo, Video

John A. Quelch


Nutricia Middle East: Measuring Sales Force Effectiveness

F. Asis Martinez-Jerez, Rachel Sha


Nghe An Tate & Lyle Sugar Co. (Vietnam)

Benjamin C. Esty, Carrie Ferman, Frank J. Lysy


Jacobs Suchard: Reorganizing for 1992

Robert G. Eccles, Philip Holland


Eccho: Business Initiative or Leadership Development Program?

Bettina Buechel


Lending Club case exhibits, Spreadsheet Supplement

Peter Tufano, Andrea Ryan


Crisis in the Arts: The Marketing Response

Joanne Scheff, Philip Kotler


Lifeline Systems, Inc. (A)

H. Kent Bowen, Marilyn E. Matis



Ryanair: Defying Gravity

Adrian Ryans, Atul Pahwa


Coke vs. Pepsi, 2001 (v. 4.1)

Robert F. Bruner, Jessica Chan


Socially Responsible Distribution: Strategies for Reaching the Bottom of the Pyramid

Sushil Vachani, N. Craig Smith


Life Stories of Recent MBAs: Developing Self-Awareness

Nitin Nohria, Matthew D. Breitfelder, Daisy Wademan Dowling


Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Mentoring Program (A)

David A. Thomas, Gina M. Carioggia


Fast Venturing: The Quick Way to Start Web Businesses

Ajit Kambil, Erik D. Eselius, Karen A. Monteiro


Boeing: No Nerds, No Birds (D): Employee Rights

Pat Werhane, Michael Gorman, Jenny Mead, Mary L Cummings


Long-Term Capital Management, L.P. (C), Spreadsheet Supplement

Andre F. Perold


Gillette Co.: Dry Idea Advertising (A), Video

Thomas V. Bonoma, Shirley M. Spence


What Makes a Policy Intervention Successful? Glimpses of experience in Brazil's Fundescola education reform, Part B

Matthew Andrews


Analyzing New Venture Opportunities

Michael J. Roberts


Deutsche Borse

George Chacko, Vincent Dessain, Eli Peter Strick, Jose-Abel Defina


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.: The Semiconductor Services Company

Hau Lee, Seungjin Whang, Shiri Shneorson


Frito-Lay, Inc.: A Strategic Transition--1987-92 (Abridged)

Lynda M. Applegate


Managing in the Information Age Module Note for Students: Function IT

Andrew McAfee


Emergence of an International Accounting Standards Setter

Paul M. Healy, Jacob Cohen


Magna International, Inc. (A)

Timothy A. Luehrman, Yuhai Xuan


Charley's Family Steak House (B)

E. Richard Brownlee II


Applications for Financial Futures

Scott P. Mason, Sally E. Durdan


Coca-Cola on Facebook

John Deighton, Leora Kornfeld


Russell Reynolds Associates, Video

Tarun Khanna


IBM Canada: Global Services (A)

Michael L. Tushman, David Kiron, Wendy Smith


Spyder Active Sports, Inc. and CHB Capital Partners (A)

John A. Davis, Louis B. Barnes, Peter Botticelli


Rosemount Vortex Flowmeter Plant

Michael McCord, Sunil Soma, Kathleen McKone, Mike Severson, Jeffrey Bell


The Early-Stage Term Sheet

Susan Chaplinsky, April Triantis


Enspire Learning

Roger Hallowell, Bjorn Billhardt, Frank Andrasco, Hans Ten Cate


Montagu Private Equity (A)

G. Felda Hardymon, Josh Lerner, Ann Leamon


Philip Morris Companies' "Bill of Rights" Sponsorship Program

Stephen A. Greyser, Norman Klein


Birla #1: The "Unknown" Global Indian Conglomerate

Venkat Subramanian, Richard Farmer


Identifying and Developing Capable Leaders

Clayton M. Christensen


UTV and Disney: A Strategic Alliance (A)

Atanu Adhikari, Rama Deshmukh


Aldi: A German Retailing Icon

Jordan Mitchell, Marc Sachon


Human Resource Management at American Airlines

Gary W. Loveman


J.R.D Tata

Nitin Nohria, Anthony J. Mayo, Mark Benson


AT&T: Twenty Years of Change

Andrew C. Inkpen


La Nacion Newspaper and the Red Solidaria

Gabriel Berger, Mario Roitter, Cecilia Rena


Shanghai Volkswagen: Facing a New Era

Yasheng Huang, Eric Thun


OPOWER: Increasing Energy Efficiency through Normative Influence (A)

Amy J.C. Cuddy, Kyle T. Doherty, Maarten W. Bos


The Happy Shrimp Farm: Social Responsibility & Multiple Stakeholders

Benoit Leleux, Jan Van Der Kaaij


Savannah West

William J. Poorvu, John H. Vogel Jr.


Consolidated Foods Corp. (A)

Kenneth E. Goodpaster


Mondragon Corp. Cooperativa (MCC)

Ramon Casadesus - Masanell, Tarun Khanna


RJR Nabisco Board: Guardians of the Gate? (A)

Jay W. Lorsch, James E. Sailer


Wisconsin Central Ltd. Railroad and Berkshire Partners (B): LBO Associations and Corporate Governance

Michael C. Jensen, Jay Dial, Brian Barry


Eli Lilly--1998 (B): Emerging Global Organization

Michael Y. Yoshino, Thomas W. Malnight


Positioning Southwest Airlines Through Employee Branding

Sandra Jeanquart Miles, W. Glynn Mangold


Hewlett-Packard: The Flight of the Kittyhawk (B)

Clayton M. Christensen


iCraveTV.com: A New-Media Upstart

Mary M. Crossan, Margaret Ann Wilkinson, Ken Mark, Tammy Smith


Japan: Deficits, Demography, and Deflation

Richard H.K. Vietor


Bosch Group in India: Transition to a Transnational Organization

Abhoy Ojha


Keddeg Company (B): Succession to the Next Generation of Small Business

John L. Ward, Carol Adler Zsolnay


Higashimaru Shoyu Co. Ltd. (B): Revitalizing the Organization

Robin Cooper


Donna Klein and Marriott International, Inc. (A)

Kathleen Meyer, Laura Pochop, David Bollier


Time Warner vs. The Walt Disney Co. (B): Reaching Agreement

Michael D. Watkins, Cate Reavis


Recall 2000: Bridgestone Corp. (B)

Lynn Sharp Paine


UBS and Climate Change--Warming Up to Global Action?

Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Forest Reinhardt, Elizabeth A. Raabe


Special Electronics, Inc.

Robert J. Sack


Motivating From the Top Down

James G. Clawson


"The Mother of All (Pricing) Battles": The 1992 Airline Price War

David Besanko


Green Copier Recycling: Entrepreneur Meets Private Equity

Edward D. Hess


Hudson Nuptials (A)

Stewart Thornhill, Ryan Little

Rise of Cause-Related Marketing

Diana Barrett, Sheila McCarthy

Zucamor S.A.: Global Competition in Argentina

V. Kasturi Rangan


Building to a Crescendo

Noam Wasserman, Vishesh Kumar


Note on Managed Care

Richard Bohmer


Making of Verizon

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Douglas Raymond, Ryan Leo Raffaelli


3M: Profile of an Innovating Company

Christopher A. Bartlett, Afroze Mohammed


Slade Co.

Paul R. Lawrence, John A. Seiler


The Economist

Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Bharat N. Anand, Lizzie Gomez


Merck Latin America (A)

Michael Beer, James Weber


Magna International, Inc. (A), Spreadsheet Supplement

Timothy A. Luehrman, Yuhai Xuan


STAR TV in 1993: (A)

Pankaj Ghemawat, Timothy J. Keohane


Effective "Estee-te" Tax Planning through Financial Engineering: Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

Mary Margaret Frank, Michael Pozzi


Passive Activity Losses

Henry B. Reiling, Mark R. Pollard, Kevin F. Wall


Metapath Software: September 1997

G. Felda Hardymon, Bill Wasik


Citibank Indonesia

Kenneth A. Merchant


Private Management and Public Schools (B)

Alexander Dyck, Danielle Melito



Bertelsmann (B)

Jeanne Liedtka, Emily Jean Gibbons


Ssangyong Corp.

Paul W. Beamish, Yongwook Jun, David J. Sharp, Chang-Bum Choi


Project Dreamcast: Serious Play at Sega Enterprises Ltd. (A)

Stefan Thomke, Andrew Robertson


Copeland Corp.: Evolution of a Manufacturing Strategy--1975-82 (D)

David A. Garvin, Artemis March


Harvey Cohen

F. Warren McFarlan


Bed Bath & Beyond

Amy P. Hutton, James Weber


Started as Crew (C): McDonald's Strategy for Corporate Success and Poverty Reduction

Pat Werhane, Regina Wolfe, Laura Pincus Hartman, Justin Sheehan, Jenny Mead


Business Process Reengineering: IT-Enabled Radical Change

Donna B. Stoddard, Sirkka Jarvenpaa


GE's Imagination Breakthrough: The EVO Project, Video

Christopher A. Bartlett, Brian J. Hall, Nicole Bennett


China "Unbalanced"

Diego Comin, Richard H.K. Vietor


Navigating a Path to Smart Growth

Sebastian Raisch, Georg von Krogh


Financial Reporting Fundamentals

David F. Hawkins


Basic Techniques for the Analysis of Customer Information Using Excel: A Step-by-Step Approach

F. Asis Martinez-Jerez



Charlene Zietsma, Ken Mark, Jordan Mitchell


Bringing OTC Back to the Exchange: Euronext.liffe's Launch of ABC

Estelle S. Cantillon, Pai-Ling Yin



Nucor: Ken Iverson, November 29, 1990, Video

Pankaj Ghemawat


Action Planning in Human Resource Management



FedEx Corp.: Structural Transformation Through e-Business

Ali F. Farhoomand, Pauline Ng


Steven Scheyer: Renegotiating the Newell Rubbermaid Relationship With Wal-Mart, Video

James K. Sebenius, Ellen Knebel


Delusion and Deception in Large Infrastructure Projects: Two Models for Explaining and Preventing Executive Disaster

Bent Flyvbjerg, Massimo Garbuio, Dan Lovallo


Edward Norris and the Baltimore Police Department (B)

Gerry Yemen, James G. Clawson


Starlite: Confidential Instructions for P. Foster, VP of HR Business Imaging Division

Kathleen L. McGinn, Julia S. Morgan


Health Development Corp., Spreadsheet

Richard S. Ruback


Profits and the Internet: Seven Misconceptions

Subramanian Rangan, Ron Adner


Accounting for Pensions at General Motors Corp. (B)

David F. Hawkins, Jacob Cohen


Friendly Skies: Welfare-to-Work at United Airlines:

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Ellen Pruyne


CUC International, Inc. (C)

Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy


Citibank: Global Customer Management

Michael Y. Yoshino, Thomas W. Malnight


SVEDKA Vodka (B)

Ivy Zuckerman, Paul W. Farris, Rajkumar Venkatesan


Colonial Homes

David E. Bell, Najib Hashem


Agrico, Inc.: A Software Dilemma

F. Warren McFarlan, H. Jeff Smith


Timing of Option Grants in UnitedHealth Group (A)

Fabrizio Ferri


Warnaco Group, Inc. (B)

David F. Hawkins

Blogging: A new play in your marketing game plan

Tanuja Singh, Liza Veron-Jackson, Joe Cullinane


Jeff Bradley (B)

Vijay V. Sathe, C. Paul Dredge


Structured Credit Index Products and Default Correlation

Darrell Duffie, Erin Yurday


Stan Lapidus: Profile of a Medical Entrepreneur

Robert F. Higgins, Sophie Lamontagne


Integration of Wachovia and Golden West (A)

L.J. Bourgeois, Dave Maher, Matt Jackson, Adam Schwarzschild


Teleswitch (B)

Michael J. Roberts


Aggregate Production Management 2002

Robert D. Landel, Derrick Moreira


The Treatment of Goodwill and Other Purchased Intangibles for Tax Purposes

Mary Margaret Frank


Roundabout Theatre Co. (A)

Reynold Levy, Daniella Ballou


Union Corrugating Co. (A)

Paul W. Marshall, Julia D. Stevens


The Value of Human Resource Management for Organizational Performance

R. Duane Ireland, Yongmei Liu, James Combs, David Ketchen Jr.


Whole Foods Acquires Wild Oats (A)

Michael D. Kimbrough, Sudhakar Balachandran, Madhav Srinivasan, Rachel Gordon


Bang Networks: The First Customer (A)

Jay O. Light, Mary Neuner Caravella

China Versus Japan: On the Verge of a Trade War

Carola Ramon-Berjano, Ka-Fu Wong, Hitomi Iizaka


Adesemi Communications International: African Communications Group, Video

Anita McGahan, John Deighton


The Common Final Exam (B)

Iris Berdrow


GlaxoSmithKline: Reorganizing Drug Discovery (B)

Robert S. Huckman, Eli Peter Strick


Vermeer Technologies (A): A Company Is Born, Video

Ashish Nanda


RU 486 (B)

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr., Christopher Sturr


Keller Williams Realty (B)

James N. Baron, David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan


PepsiCo: The Challenge of Growth Through Innovation

S. Venkataraman


Activity-Based Management at Stream International

Robert S. Kaplan, Norman Klein


Abbott and the AIDS Crisis (C): What Lies Ahead?

Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead


Coca-Cola's New Vending Machine (A): Pricing to Capture Value, or Not?

Charles King, Das Narayandas


Genetic Testing and the Puzzles We Are Left To Solve (I)

R. Edward Freeman, Stacy Pierce


Changing Times at the NBA

Thomas J. Delong, Daniel Reed, Tonika Cheek-Clayton, David L. Ager


Lawrence Trihn: Venturing to Vietnam

Joshua D. Margolis, Rachel Gordon


Colfax Corporation: Designing a Middle East Oil and Gas Distribution System

Richard E. Wilson


Gillette Co.: Dry Idea Advertising (A), The Creative Problem

Thomas V. Bonoma, Shirley M. Spence

Customer-Operator Letter Writing Exercise

Frances X. Frei


Hilti France: Strategy Implementation (A)

Sean Meehan, Janet Shaner


Hikma Pharmaceuticals (B)

John A. Quelch


A Note on, and a Tale about, Flexible Budgeting

Mark E. Haskins


Kaufmann Manufacturing Co. (B)

Julie H. Hertenstein

Jesse Holman Jones and the Reconstruction Finance Corp.

Nitin Nohria, Anthony J. Mayo, Bridget Gurtler


Moral Decision-Making: Reason, Emotion & Luck

Michael A. Wheeler, Julianna Pillemer


Company Sale Process

William E. Fruhan


Ft. Myers Eldercare

William J. Poorvu, Arthur I Segel


One Hundred Years of Excellence in Business Education: What Have We Learned?

Frank Acito, Patricia M. McDougall, Daniel C. Smith


NoVeggie Inc.

John S. Haywood-Farmer, Joe Figliomeni, Charles Korn


Good Intentions Gone Awry at the National Kidney Foundation

Hwee Sing Khoo, Audrey Chia, Vivien K.G. Lim


Patrimonio Hoy: A Financial Perspective

Eli Segal, Arthur I Segel, Michael Chu, Gustavo A. Herrero


Family Business System Action Planning Worksheet

John A. Davis


Codman Academy: Beyond the Start-Up Phase

Tiffany K. Cheng, Stacey Childress



USSR 1988: The Search for Growth

Alexander Dyck


Whirlpool Europe, Spreadsheet

Richard S. Ruback


Merchant Card Services (C)

Constance E. Bagley, David Lane


Moving Ideas into Action: Mastering the Art of Change

Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Diamond Chemicals PLC (B): Merseyside And Rotterdam Projects

Robert F. Bruner


Capital One: Launching a Mass Media Campaign

Robert J. Fisher, Ken Mark


Warner-Lambert Ireland: Niconil

John A. Quelch, Susan P. Smith


Principles for User Design of Customized Products

Taylor Randall, Christian Terwiesch, Karl T. Ulrich


Building a Strong Services Brand: Lessons from Mayo Clinic

Leonard L. Berry, Kent D. Seltman


Music Industry Update: April 2001

Jan W. Rivkin


Todd Williams: Finance in the Middle (B)

Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen


Washington Post Co.: Conversation Between Katharine and Don Graham, Video

Louis B. Barnes, John A. Davis


IBM 360: Giant as Entrepreneur

Joseph L. Bower, William O. Ingle


Managerial Algorithmics: Thinking Strategically About Thinking Strategically

Mihnea C. Moldoveanu


Chantale and Clinton Call for Service

Christopher A. Ross


The CIT Group

Sherwood C. Frey, William Castleman

Mike Corbin: Closing the Corbin-Pacific Case, Video

John A. Davis, Courtney Collette


Rogers Cable: First Time Right

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Jordan Martens


Apple Computer--1998

David B. Yoffie


Milk and Money

Karl Schmedders, Patrick Johnston, Charlotte Snyder


SEC Proposal for Nomination of Directors by Shareholders

Jay W. Lorsch, Ashley C. Robertson


Da "Final" Click?

Marc Modica


Estonia: A Cultural Note

Iris Berdrow


Gordon Biersch: New Challenges and Opportunities

Chuck Holloway, Andrea Higuera


Avon Products (A)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Gregory C. Rogers


Windhorse Farm's Eco-Woodshop Guitar Top Decision

Julia Sagebien, Annika Tamlyn


UAL, 2004: Pulling Out of Bankruptcy, Spreadsheet

Daniel B. Bergstresser, Kenneth A. Froot, Darren R. Smart


Mission to Mars (B)

Alan MacCormack


E-Retail: Gold Rush or Fool's Gold?

Kenneth T. Rosen, Amanda L. Howard


Before the Fall: Lehman Brothers 2008

Clayton Rose, Anand Ahuja


Gold in 2011: Bubble or Safe Haven Asset?

Robin Greenwood, Benjamin Steiner



General Motors Corp.: Retiree Benefit Risk Management (A), Spreadsheet

David F. Hawkins, Jacob Cohen


Joline Godfrey, Update--1992-2002

Linda A. Hill, Jennifer M. Suesse


National Innovation Systems and Comparative Industry Evolution

Henry W. Chesbrough, Gillian Morris


Duncan Field (A)

Philip H. Thurston, Richard O. Von Werssowetz, H. Irving Grousbeck


Richter: Information Technology at Hungary's Largest Pharma

Deborah Compeau, Jordan Mitchell, Gyorgy Drotos, Emma Incze, Gyorgy Vas


Hamptonshire Express

V.G. Narayanan, Ananth Raman


Harold Morton and the Rivendell Board (B)

F. Warren McFarlan, Ingrid Vargas


Drug Wars: Pfizer's Hostile Bid for Warner-Lambert in 1999

Stephen P. Bradley, Matthew Sandoval


Mall of America

Elizabeth A. Powell, Sheila McMillen


Bombardier Transportation and the Adtranz Acquisition

Allen Morrison, David Barrett


Delivering Innovation in Hospital Construction: Contracts and Collaboration in the UK's Private Finance Initiative Hospitals Program

James Barlow, Martina Koberle-Gaiser


Patriot National Insurance Co.: Case and Simulation

John S. Hammond, Marjorie Corman Aaron


Best value supply chains: A key competitive weapon for the 21st century

David Ketchen Jr., William Rebarick, G. Tomas M. Hult, David Meyer


Knowledge Management at JPL, Video

Dorothy Leonard


Marsh & McLennan (B)

Barbara B. Jackson



On Weldon's Watch: Recalls at Johnson & Johnson from 2009 to 2010

Clayton Rose, Sandra J. Sucher, Rachel Gordon, Matthew Preble


Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property (A)

Lakshmi Iyer, Namrata Arora


Absolute Return for Kids

Herman B Leonard, Marc J. Epstein, Melissa Tritter


RogersCasey Alternative Investments: Innovative Response to the Distribution Challenge

Josh Lerner


What Executives Don't Get About Sustainability (and Further Notes on the Profit Motive)

Michael S. Hopkins


Social Entrepreneurs: Correcting Market Failure (Video) DVD

James Phills


DoubleClick Buys Abacus (B)

John Deighton



Timothy M. Laseter


Note on Directors' Duties and Obligations Under Canadian Law and Custom

Murray J. Bryant, Ryan Kalt


The Cradle Dilemma, Investing in Adoption Learning Partners

Marianne Woodward, Kathryn Bauer, Scott T. Whitaker


Merrill Lynch: Integrated Choice, Supplement

F. Warren McFarlan, Christina L. Ruth


American National Red Cross (A)

Jay W. Lorsch, Eliot Sherman, David Chen


Managing the Copy-Testing Process

Paul W. Farris, Tania de la Pena Calderon


Executing Change: Three Generic Strategies

Nitin Nohria, Rakesh Khurana


Place Your "Bet" on Internet Gaming

Michael R. Pearce, Kevin Dennis



Corning Glass Works: The Electronic Products Division (C)

Michael Beer


Cooperating to Compete: EGS of Turkey

Pankaj Ghemawat, C. Fritz Foley


British Broadcasting Corp. (A): One BBC

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Douglas Raymond


Frumherji Ltd., Reykjavik: The Vehicle Inspection and Emissions-Testing Process

Karen A Brown, Brynja Thorbjornsdottir


Ascent Media Group (A)

Robert D. Austin, Debra Schifrin


HBS Class of 2009: All Talk As They Prepare to Walk?

Rakesh Khurana, Nitin Nohria, Dalia Rahman


Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?

Donna L. Hoffman, Marek Fodor


Urban Decay: A Great Idea

Lena G. Goldberg


Ethyl Corp. in 1979

Pankaj Ghemawat, Michael D. Whinston


New Product Commercialization: Common Mistakes

V. Kasturi Rangan, Kevin Bartus


ABRY Partners and F+W Publications

Nabil N. El-Hage, Christopher E.J. Payton


Reconstruction of Zambia, Supplement--1992

Richard H.K. Vietor, Edward Prewitt


Capitalising on a World-Class Securities Trading System: HKEx's AMS/3

Ali F. Farhoomand, Eva Y.H. Kwan, Pauline Ng


Warner Music Group

Nabil N. El-Hage


A Note on Understanding, Detecting, and Reporting Criminal Antitrust Violations

Thomas Cross, John F. Terzaken III


McDonald's Corp.

David M. Upton, Joshua D. Margolis

Vitalia Franchise

Regina E. Herzlinger, Beatriz Munoz-Seca


FIRA: Confronting the Mexican Agricultural Crisis

James E. Austin, Michael Chu, Cate Reavis


Lille Tissages, S.A.

William J. Bruns Jr.


What Are We Pouring in Our Morning Cereal? (B)

Gerard Seijts, Dan Crim


Opera Hong Kong: Opera for All?

Ali Farhoomand, Ricky Lai


NFL-Network Television Contracts, 1998-2005

Stephen A. Greyser


Introduction to Business, Government, and the International Economy (BGIE), Course Overview

Catherine S.M. Duggan, Aldo Musacchio, Matthew C. Weinzierl


SUN Brewing (A)

Belen Villalonga, Raphael Amit


Managing Xerox's Multinational Development Center (Abridged)

Herminia Ibarra


The Mark News

Simon Parker, Mitchell Praw


Hospital Corporation of America (A), Spreadsheet Supplement

W. Carl Kester


Planet Copias, Spreadsheet Supplement

Kent Carstater, Robert F. Bruner


Ford Windstar

Robert J. Fisher, David J. Sharp, Satish Jha


India in the 1990s

George C. Lodge, Anu Bhasin

Operating Segment Disclosures

David F. Hawkins


Denver Wholesale Sporting Goods, Inc.

Richard Brownlee, Mark E. Haskins


Integral Capital Partners

Andre F. Perold, Markus F. Mullarkey


International Fight League: Strategy for a Mixed-Martial Arts Start-Up

George Foster, Patrick Arippol


Esquel Group: Building a Sustainable Partnership with Cotton Farmers in Xinjiang (A)

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Open Innovation and Strategy

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A.1. Steak Sauce: Lawry's Defense

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Leasing the Pennsylvania Turnpike

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