Harvard Business School Case Studies Solutions

Heartland Payment Systmems, Inc.

Graeme Rankine



Youngme Moon, Kerry Herman


Disney Consumer Products: Marketing Nutrition to Children

David E. Bell, Laura Winig


Elsa Margarita Uribe, Roberto Gutierrez, Andres Barragan

Diaper War: Kimberly-Clark vs. Procter & Gamble (Condensed)

Allen Morrison, J. Michael Geringer, Kerry McLellan


Managing in the Information Age Module Note for Students: Function IT

Andrew McAfee


Wipro Technologies Europe (B)

Gerry Yemen, Martin N. Davidson


Formosa Plastics Group: Business Continuity Forever

Li Jin, Joseph P.H. Fan, Winnie S.C. Leung


Dean Witter, Discover & Co.

Dwight B. Crane, W. James Whalen


Cougars Cub Club: Charlotte Cougars

Lauren Mishner, Sherwood C. Frey


Nicholson File Co. Takeover (A)

Thomas R. Piper


Manchester Bidwell Corporation: The Replication Question

Toby Stuart, G. Felda Hardymon, James L. Heskett, Ann Leamon


Buck & Pulleyn

Louis B. Barnes



Procter & Gamble Co.: Lenor Refill Package

John A. Quelch, Minette E. Drumwright, Julie Yao


Connectivity and work dominance: Panacea or pariah?

Charles R. Stoner, Paul Stephens, Matthew K. McGowan


United Grain Growers Limited (B): The ADM Alternative

Gabriel Vinizki, Craig Dunbar


Austin, Blakeley & Cambridge, LLC

Nabil N. El-Hage, Christopher Laconi


Scor-eStore.com, Spreadsheet Supplement

Samuel E Bodily


Miles Everson at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Robert G. Eccles, David Lane


L.L. Bean, Inc.: Item Forecasting and Inventory Management

Arthur Schleifer Jr.


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. in 1999

Robert A. Burgelman, Margot Sutherland, Kelly Dubois


Apple Computer (C1): Reorganizing the Human Resource Function

Michael J. Gibbs


Corporate Strategy at Berkshire Partners

Julie M. Wulf, Scott Waggoner


Service sabotage: The dark side of service dynamics

Lloyd C. Harris, Emmanuel Ogbonna


Cold Opportunity (A): The Nils Bergqvist Story

Saras Sarasvathy



Sid L. Huff, David Beckow


Intel NBI: Vivonic

Willy Shih, Thomas Thurston


Performance Management at Intermountain Healthcare

Richard Bohmer, Alexander C. Romney


Started as Crew (A): Jan Fields and McDonald's

Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead

A Note on Long-Run Models of Economic Growth

Peter Rodriguez


Project Valuation in Emerging Markets

Robert E. Kennedy


Aurora Cultural Centre

Charlene Zietsma, Geoffrey Kistruck


Daimler Chrysler Commercial Vehicles Division

Michael Hannan, Joel Podolny, John Roberts

Scenario Planning: A Tool for Strategic Thinking

Paul J.H. Schoemaker


Doing Business in Russia: Note on Negotiating in the "Wild East"

James K. Sebenius


Cray Research, Inc.: Preparing for the 1990s

Francis J. Aguilar


Investing in Sponsor-Backed IPOs: The Case of Hertz

Susan Chaplinsky, Felicia C. Marston, Michael Pozzi



Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, David Chen


Nestle's Milk Districts: Case Supplement

Ray A. Goldberg, Kerry Herman


Liberty Medical Group (Condensed)

David Caldwell, Robert Pearl, Davina Drabkin, Charles A. O'Reilly


Public Policy and the Manager: Conceptual Framework

Willis Emmons


Cisco Systems: Developing a Human Capital Strategy

Jennifer Chatman, Victoria Chang, Charles A. O'Reilly


Airbus vs. Boeing (B): Should Airbus Build the VLCT Alone?

Ramon Casadesus - Masanell, Jordan Mitchell


Diffusion of Web-Based Product Innovation

Emanuela Prandelli, Gianmario Verona, Deborah Raccagni


Jurassic Park

John A. Quelch

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

Robert D. Austin, Carl Stormer


British Airways: "Go for It, America!" Promotion (A)

Stephen A. Greyser, John L. Teopaco


Taiwan's United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC)

 Anthony S. Frost, Terence Tsai, Borshiuan Cheng, Changhui Zhou


ITT Automotive: Global Manufacturing Strategy--1994

Gary P. Pisano, Sharon Rossi


ImmuLogic Pharmaceutical Corp. (Abridged)

Josh Lerner


Commercializing Technology: Imaginative Understanding of User Needs

Dorothy Leonard-Barton, Edith Wilson, John Doyle


The Oracle of Omaha Meets the Visionaries of Galillee

Joachim Schwass, John L. Ward, Benoit Leleux, Colleen Lief


Sara Tsien

Jeffrey Gandz, Elizabeth Spracklin


Industry Structural Change

Michael E. Porter


Firmwide 360-degree Performance Evaluation Process at Morgan Stanley

M. Diane Burton


Consumer Behavior Exercise (A)

John Deighton, Susan Fournier


Alden Products, Inc.: European Manufacturing

Robert H. Hayes


Del Norte Paper Co. (A)

M. Edgar Barrett, William A. Sahlman


E.T. Phone Home, Inc.: Forecasting Business Demand

John F. Cady, Frank V. Cespedes


Fel-Pro (A): A Five-Generation Winning Workplace

Carrie Meek, John L. Ward


Individual and the Corporation: Kathy Levinson and ETRADE (A)

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr., Susan S. Harmeling

Tanpin Kanri: Retail Practice at Seven-Eleven Japan

Rajiv Lal, Arar Han


Boeing Australia Ltd.: Assessing the Merits of Implementing a Sophisticated e-Procurement System

Ali Farhoomand, Peta Ashworth


Offshore Drilling Industry

Kenneth S. Corts


Ontela PicDeck (A) and (B) Spreadsheet Exhibits, Spreadsheet Supplement

Mohanbir Sawhney, Kent Grayson, Patrick Duprss, Christine Hsu, Ryan Metzger, Fuminari Obuchi, Arum Sundaram,Kari Wilson


Barilla SpA (B)

Janice H. Hammond


Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.: Project Manthan

Abhijit Gopal, Manish Kumar


Nancy's Specialty Foods: An Information Systems Implementation

Timothy T.C. Wei, Lisa H. Smith


Savannah West

William J. Poorvu, John H. Vogel Jr.


Privatization of Anatolia National Telekom: NALI Confidential Instructions

Michael D. Watkins, Banu Ozcan, Burkhard Schrage, Paul Vaaler


Fuel Economy Standards 2007

David P. Baron


Suncor in the Oil Sands Industry

Forest Reinhardt


BMW's Project Switch (A): Importers vs. National Sales Companies

Das Narayandas, Kerry Herman


Grand Junction

H. Irving Grousbeck, Nick Mansour


Place Your "Bet" on Internet Gaming

Michael R. Pearce, Kevin Dennis


Qualcomm in China (B)

Jonathan West, Joel West, Justin Tan


Kennedy and the Balance of Payments

David B. Yoffie, Jane K. Austin


Can Florida Orange Growers Survive Globalization?

Ray A. Goldberg, Hal Hogan


Procter & Gamble Canada: Developing Scope Advertising Copy

John S. Hulland, Ken Mark



David E. Bell, Marcos Fava Neves, Luciano Thome e Castro, Natalie Kindred


Frito-Lay, Inc.: Grandma's "Ready-to-Eat" Cookies

Thomas V. Bonoma, Karen A. Carlson, Margaret L. Kane


Quick-Start Guide for Crystal Ball

Robert I Carraway, Robert Jenkins


Executive Stock Options

Henry B. Reiling


Berkshire Partners: Purchase of Rival Company (C)

Nabil N. El-Hage, Andre Baillargeon, Stephen Parks


Xanadu on Broadway

Anita Elberse


Gardenburger Advertising Strategy (B)

Sonya Grier, Victoria Chang


World Bank (A): Under Siege

George C. Lodge, Carin-Isabel Knoop


Innovation and Growth at Actelion Ltd.

Gary P. Pisano, Daniela Beyersdorfer, Ruth Dittrich


Greg Dyke Taking the Helm at the BBC (B)

Peter Killing, Tracey Keys


Cisco Systems Architecture: ERP and Web-enabled IT

Richard L. Nolan, Kelley Porter, Christina Akers


Women and corporate boards of directors: The promise of increased, and substantive, participation in the post Sarbanes-Oxley era

Dan R. Dalton, Catherine M. Dalton



Southern Pulp and Paper

David M. Upton, William H. Bolen Jr.


Curled Metal Inc.--Engineered Products Division

Benson P. Shapiro, Frank V. Cespedes


Interactive Minds (B)

Ashish Nanda, Thomas J. Delong, Christina Darwall, Scot Landry


AsiaInfo: The IPO Decision

Michael J. Roberts, Donald N. Sull


Organizational Blueprints for Success in High-Tech Start-Ups: Lessons from the Stanford Project on Emerging Companies

James N. Baron, Michael T. Hannan


Development of the Internet in China (A): Challenges and Opportunities

Robert E. Kennedy, Brian P. Irwin


Who Broke the Bank of England?

Niall Ferguson, Jonathan Schlefer


Building Sustainable High-Growth Startup Companies: Management Systems as an Accelerator

Antonio Davila, George Foster, Ning Jia


Reed Supermarkets: A New Wave of Competitors,                                   BUY NOW

John A. Quelch, Carole Carlson


Microsoft Security Response Center (B)

Mike Wade, Jeffrey Clayman


Winthrop Park Development

William J. Poorvu, Elizabeth H. McLoughlin


Caterpillar Tractor Co.

Christopher A. Bartlett, U. Srinivasa Rangan


Old Mutual, Mike Levett, CEO, Video

Tarun Khanna


Leadership Problems at Salomon (A)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Michael A. Santoro


Australia-Japan Cable: Structuring the Project Company, Spreadsheet

Benjamin C. Esty, Carrie Ferman


MessageTech, Inc.

Charlene Nicholls-Nixon, Ellen Jarmain


Long-Term Capital Management, L.P. (D)

Andre F. Perold


Revolutionary Gear

Gilles Pelzer, Wendell E. Dunn


Cadim: The China and India Real Estate Market Entry Decisions

Stephen R. Foerster, Marc Folch


Ottawa Devices, Inc. (A)

Henry B. Reiling, Harry C. Midgley


Colfax Corporation: Designing a Middle East Oil and Gas Distribution System

Richard E. Wilson


Destination-U: College Counseling on the Internet

Garth Saloner, Jim Ellis, Mike Harkey


Coming to Grips with Deregulation: Bay State Gas

Alexander Dyck, Indra A. Reinbergs


The Big Three Performance Variables: Macroperformance of the United States and the Eurozone

Alan R Beckenstein


Martin Marietta: Managing Corporate Ethics (B)

Lynn Sharp Paine


Will RacingThePlanet Ltd. Reach the Finish Line?

Daniel J. Isenberg


Kelon (B): Opportunities and Challenges

Yasheng Huang


Energy Vending Inc.

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Lindsay Brock


Mexican Debt Crisis of 1982

Huw Pill


Neiman Marcus (A)

V. Kasturi Rangan, Marie Bell



Basic Quantitative Analysis for Marketing

Robert J. Dolan


Cameron Auto Parts (B)

Paul W. Beamish, Harold Crookell


Executing Strategic Change: Understanding the Critical Management Elements that Lead to Success

Arnoud Franken, Chris Edwards, Rob Lambert


Argentina's YPF Sociedad Anonima (B)

Michael Y. Yoshino, Carin-Isabel Knoop


Zotter - Living by Chocolate

Mukti Khaire, Stefan Aichinger, Monika Hoffman, Maximilian Schnoedl


Procter and Gamble: Cost of Capital

Kenneth Eades


Polaroid-Kodak (B5)

Michael E. Porter


Mattson Foods, Inc.: The Bardolini Division

Steven C. Wheelwright


Oracle's Hostile Takeover of PeopleSoft (A)

Robert M. Daines, Vinay B. Nair, Davina Drabkin


Intel Corp.'s Internal Ecology of Strategy Making

Robert A. Burgelman, Clayton M. Christensen


Pioneer Petroleum, Spreadsheet Supplement

Richard S. Ruback


Bob Reiss and Valdawn (B)

Amar V. Bhide


Transitional Infant Care Specialty Hospital, Update: Changes for Transitional Infant Care

Jody Hoffer Gittell


Cenabal (C)

Stewart Thornhill, Jane Gravill


Information Flows in Manufacturing Under SAP R/3

Seungjin Whang, Wendell Gilland, Hau Lee



Bain & Co. Inc., Video

Andrew McAfee



F. Warren McFarlan, Iris T. Li


Asymmetric Information: Market Failures, Market Distortions, and Market Solutions

Kenneth S. Corts


Integrated Marketing as Management of Holistic Consumer Experience

Shu-Pei Tsai


Brazilian Beer Merger Negotiations: Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, S.A.

Robert F. Bruner, Jessica Chan


Scenario Building

Leslie Grayson, James G. Clawson


To Serve or Create?: Strategic Orientations Toward Customers and Innovation

Pierre R. Berthon, James M. Hulbert, Leyland Pitt


Bounded Awareness: What You Fail to See Can Hurt You

Dolly Chugh, Max H. Bazerman


Textile Corp. Building

William J. Poorvu


Note on IPO Share Allocation

Mark Leslie, Michael Marks, Claire Magat Raffaelli


Continuing Transformation of Asahi Glass: Implementing EVA

Mihir A. Desai, Masako Egawa, Yanjun Wang


Customer Service and Safety-Stock Inventory

James R. Freeland


John Deere Component Works (A), Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert S. Kaplan, Artemis March


Motorola and Japan (A)

David B. Yoffie, John J. Coleman


Note on Maneuvering in War and Negotiation

Michael A. Wheeler, Gillian Morris


Market Stretch

Gavin Price, Margaret Sutherland

BAT Case: Putting Tech Support on the Fast Track

Martin A. Lariviere


Note on Customer Management

Das Narayandas


Renault-Nissan Alliance

Michael Y. Yoshino, Perry L. Fagan


When Supply Is of Public Interest: Roche & Tamiflu

Noel Watson, Laura Rock Kopczak, Prashant Yadav


Italy: If Not Now, When?

Richard H.K. Vietor, Julia Galef


Kobe Steel USA, Electronic Materials Center: The Commercialization of New Technology (B)

S. Peter Smith, Linda Plano, Jeffrey T. Glass


Carol Fishman Cohen: Professional Career Reentry (A)

Myra M. Hart, Robin J. Ely, Susan Wojewoda


General Mills and the Hawthorne Huddle (A)

Diana Barrett, Sheila McCarthy Leddy


Bertelsmann Reinhard Mohn Fellowship: CSR as Cultural Exchange

K. Ganly, Johanna Mair


edocs, Inc. (A)

Paul A. Gompers


Yodlee Inc.--The VerticalOne Integration (A)

John Melnyk, Darren Meister


Gatewood and Daugherty: Minding Their Own Business

Gerry Yemen, Gregory Fairchild


Vipp A/S

Robert D. Austin, Daniela Beyersdorfer


Samsung Electronics (A): Entering India

Sumit Chakraborty, Shushil Sharma, Sougata Ray



Jeffrey F. Rayport, Jeremy B. Dann, Rob Schmults



Preserving Employee Morale During Downsizing

Karen E. Mishra, Gretchen M. Spreitzer, Aneil K. Mishra


ALPES S.A.: A Joint Venture Proposal (A)

Henry W. Lane, Dennis Shaughnessy, David T.A. Wesley


Negotiating the Right to Know: Rhone-Poulenc and Manchester, Texas (A1)

Michael A. Wheeler


Drivers of Industry Financial Structure

Dwight B. Crane, Indra A. Reinbergs

Walnut Venture Associates (B): RBS Due Diligence--Customers

Michael J. Roberts


Spectrum Brands, Inc.--The Sales Force Dilemma

Donald Barclay, Joe Falconi


American Barrick Resources Corporation: Managing Gold Price Risk, Spreadsheet Supplement

Peter Tufano, Jon D. Serbin


Telework at AT&T: Strategy and Systems Thinking

Andrea Larson, Octovio Avila


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (B)

Susan Fournier, Laura Coleman


Basic Ratio Analysis and Equity Valuation

David F. Hawkins


Tropos Networks

Joseph B. Lassiter, Liz Kind


Merck Latin America (A)

Michael Beer, James Weber


Ebro Puleva

David E. Bell, Antonio Garcia de Castro, Rocio Reina Paniagua, Mary Shelman


Canada Health Infoway

Derrick Neufeld


Capital Alliance Private Equity: Creating a Private Equity Leader in Nigeria

Walter Kuemmerle, Chad Ellis, William J. Coughlin



Boeing and Airbus: Competitive Strategy in the Very-Large-Aircraft Market

Nabil Al-Najjar, Ichiro Aoyagi, Guy Goldstein, Ted Korupp, Bin Liu, Suchet Singh


Phase Two: The Pharmaceutical Industry Responds to AIDS

Nicholas Bartlett, Debora L. Spar


Global Semiconductor Industry--1987

David B. Yoffie, Alvin G. Wint


Pitney Bowes, Inc.

Clayton M. Christensen, Howard Yu


Scenario Planning

Jeanne M. Liedtka, Carl Garrett, Vikas Chawla, James Wininger


Benjamin Rosen and Compaq

William A. Sahlman, Jason Green



J. Gregory Dees, Marc Boatwright, Jaan Elias


The Common Final Exam (A)

Iris Berdrow


A Leader's Guide to Why People Behave the Way They Do

James G. Clawson


Reshaping Apple Computer's Destiny--1992

David B. Yoffie, Johanna M. Hurstak


Innermotion (A)

Peter Laub, James A. Phills


Star River Electronics Ltd., Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert F. Bruner, Robert M. Conroy, Kenneth Eades, Sean Carr



William Bygrave, Carl Hedberg


Dollar General Going Private

Sharon Katz


Viacom, Inc.: Carpe Diem

Joseph L. Bower, Thomas R. Eisenmann


General Electric's Acquisition of Amersham PLC

Paul Simko, Robert F. Bruner, Mary Margaret Frank, Marc Goldstein, David Martin

General Management: A Conceptual Introduction

Christopher A. Bartlett, Ashish Nanda


Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong: Next Step Forward

Terence Tsai, Barbara Li


DHL Worldwide Express

John A. Quelch, Greg Conley


Let's Talk Science

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, David House


Futures on the Mexican Peso

Kenneth A. Froot, Matthew McBrady, Mark Seasholes


IBM-Fujitsu Dispute

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr., Ilyse Barkan


Acquisition of Consolidated Rail Corp. (A)

Benjamin C. Esty, Mathew Mateo Millett


Russell Poore

Joel Peterson, Alicia Seiger


General Electric--Thermocouple Manufacturing (B)

David A. Garvin, Suzanne Detreville


Orient-Express Hotels

Frances X. Frei, Corey Hajim


Becton Dickinson (E): An Assessment of Strategic Human Resource Management Profiling

Michael Beer, Pamela J. Maus


Buckman Laboratories (B)

William E. Fulmer


Our Love-Hate Relationship with Monetary Incentives

Roger Martin


Ben S. Bernanke in 2005

Wei Li


Parenting Magazine

William A. Sahlman


Designing Organizations That Are Built to Change

Christopher G. Worley, Edward E. Lawler III

STARS Air Ambulance: An Information Systems Challenge

Malcolm Munro, Sid L. Huff


Managing Change in Operations

Robert D. Landel, Rebecca Oliver


Nestle's Globe Program (C): "Globe Day"

Peter Killing


When Customers Get Clever: Managerial Approaches to Dealing With Creative Consumers

Pierre R. Berthon, Leyland Pitt, Ian McCarthy, Steven M Kates


Playgrounds and Performance: Results Management at KaBOOM! (C)

Herman B Leonard, Marc J. Epstein


Pratham - Every Child in School and Learning Well

Srikant M. Datar, Stacey Childress, Rachna Tahilyani, Anjali Raina


Bundy Asia Pacific: China Strategy

Paul W. Beamish, Jack Li, Nancy Wang, Steven Zuo


The Operations Course at Darden

Robert D. Landel, Elliot N. Weiss


Levi Strauss & Co.: Global Sourcing (B)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Jane Palley Katz


Accounting for Income Taxes

David F. Hawkins


Malaysia (A)

Bruce R. Scott, Grenelle Bauer-Scott


Tektronix: Portable Instruments Division (B)

Robin Cooper, Peter B.B. Turney


Global Business Council on HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day 2001

Diana Barrett, Daniella Ballou


Circles: Series D Financing

Paul W. Marshall, Kristin J. Lieb


Online Grocery Retailing: Building the Last Mile to the Customer

Brian Rogers, Nirmalya Kumar


Competing by the Book: Destination China

Cyril Bouquet, William Hawkins, John J. Wegener

Identify the Nonprofit

Regina E. Herzlinger, Ramona K. Hilgenkamp


Georgian Glass and Mineral Water

Walter Kuemmerle, Chad Ellis


Astor Park Hotel

William J. Poorvu, Arthur I Segel, Matthew C. Lieb


International Drilling Corp. (B)

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Don Taylor


Panmai Co-Operative (Revised)

Paul W. Beamish, Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Krista Wylie


Home Technologies, Inc.: Merging Corporate Learning Centers (B)

Mark E. Haskins, Jill Simandl


U.S. Treasury Auctions (C)

Matthias Hild


Noble Group

C. Fritz Foley, Michael Shih-ta Chen, Matthew Johnson, Linnea Meyer


Bertelsmann (C)

Jeanne Liedtka, Emily Jean Gibbons


Note on Financial Programming Over Long Horizons

Timothy A. Luehrman


Geffen Records

Jeffrey F. Rayport


Playing With Fire at Sittercity (A)

Noam Wasserman, Rachel Gordon


Steve Jones - Stonehill Capital

James A. Erskine, Dan Nir


Polo Ralph Lauren & Luen Thai: Using Collaborative Supply Chain Integration in the Apparel Value Chain

Benjamin Yen, Ali F. Farhoomand, Shamza Khan


Infinet Communications Inc. (A)

Kenneth G. Hardy, Meredith Lamb


Votia Empowerment AB (B)

Roger Hallowell



Elie Ofek, Kerry Herman


Blue Turtle Clothing Company

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Lindsay Brock


Ford Motor Co.: The Product Warranty Program (B)

Melvyn A.J. Menezes


A Note on Management Communication: Module Two

Elizabeth A. Powell, James R. Rubin


Scalix Corp.: The Evolution of a Sales Model

Mike Harkey, Mark Leslie, James Lattin


Teena Lerner: Dividing the Pie at Rx Capital (B)

Boris Groysberg, Robin Abrahams


Shopping Online for Freedom, Control, and Fun

Mary Wolfinbarger, Mary C. Gilly


Building a Shed

Steven C. Wheelwright, Kerry Herman


Zaplet, Inc. (A)

Dorothy Leonard


People's Light and Theatre Company

Robert D. Austin


Rosario Acero S.A., Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert F. Bruner, Casey S. Opitz, Renee Weaver


Dr. Iqbal Surve at Sekunjalo Investment Group (A)

Linda A. Hill, Emily Stecker


Learning by the Case Method in Marketing

Thomas V. Bonoma, Thomas J. Kosnik


Lark International Entertainment Ltd. (C)

Linda A. Hill, Jennifer M. Suesse


Nuria Chinchilla: The Power to Change Workplaces

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Megan Elizabeth Anderson

Hilton HHonors Worldwide: Loyalty Wars

John Deighton, Stowe Shoemaker


Two Tough Calls (A)

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.


Competitive Dynamics in Home Video Games (B): Nintendo Power

Peter J. Coughlan


PepsiCo Bottling in Mexico

Kenneth A. Froot, Charles M. La Follette


Hewlett-Packard: Manufacturing Productivity Division (C)

Benson P. Shapiro, Lawrence B. Levine


Gil Mandelzis and Traiana: Value Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Lloyd Shefsky


Monitor's Opportunities in India (A)

Juan Alcacer, Jan W. Rivkin


Vic Young and Fishery Products International (B): Winds of Change

John Melnyk, W. Glenn Rowe, Tami L. Hynes


Urban Video Game Academy: Getting in the Game

Lynda M. Applegate, Susan Saltrick


DreamWorks SKG Inc.: To Distribute or Not to Distribute?

Juan Alcacer, David J. Collis, Mary Furey


Lexar Media: The Digital Photography Company?

Mary Tripsas, Emily Thompson


A Note on the Development of Management Communication in Graduate Business Schools

James R. Rubin


Duke Power Co.: Affirmative Action (B)

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, David E. Whiteside


Obama versus Clinton: The YouTube Primary

John Deighton, Leora Kornfeld


DaimlerChrysler: Organizing the Post-Merger Integration

Piero Morosini, George Radler



Echelon in Europe

David P. Baron, Michael Ting


Michael Eisner at Disney

Paddy Miller, Jordan Mitchell


Technology Transfer across Organizational Boundaries: Absorptive Capacity and Desorptive Capacity

Ulrich Lichtenthaler, Eckhard Lichtenthaler


Trilogy University

Thomas J. Delong, Michael Paley


Plow & Hearth: Double Acquisition

L.J. Bourgeois, Tihamer Von Ghyczy, Robert D. Landel


Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.: Universal Design Marketing Strategy, Epilogue

Cynthia A. Ingols, James L. Mueller


Replacement Decision: Getting It Right

Herbert E. Kierulff


Toward an Innovation Sourcing Strategy

Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Jane Linder, Thomas H. Davenport, Juyne Linger


Motorola, Inc.: Bandit Pager Project (Abridged)

Steven C. Wheelwright



Lluis G. Renart, Francisco Pares


Alibaba Group

Julie M. Wulf


Green Marketing at Rank Xerox

Jeffrey F. Rayport, Joep Vanthiel


Nodal Logistics and Custo Brasil

Michael Moffett


Au Bon Pain: A Presentation by Gary Aronson and Brian McEvoy, Video

W. Earl Sasser Jr., Christopher W.L. Hart, Lucy N. Lytle


Paula Evans and the Redesign of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (C)

Linda A. Hill, Kristin C. Doughty



Shilling & Smith Acquisition of Xteria Inc.: Data Center Technology Leasing

Mark Jeffery, Cassidy Shield, H. Nevin Ekici, Mike Conley


Shrimp Farming in Ecuador

David W. Conklin


Business Valuation and the Cost of Capital

Timothy A. Luehrman


Warner Bros. Entertainment

Gary P. Pisano, Alison Berkley Wagonfeld


Brazil: The Real Plan (B)

Petra Christmann, Heitor Carrera


Note on Comparative Advantage

David B. Yoffie, John J. Coleman


Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.: Marketing Strategy for the European Market

John A. Quelch, Kyoichi Ikeo


AsiaMail.com: What's in a Name?

Myra M. Hart, Sharon I. Peyus


Chemplan Corp.: Paint-Rite Division

Paul A. Vatter


Takahiko Naraki, The Three Million Yen Entrepreneur

Eric A. Morse, Jason Inch


Coaching at Banco Azucarero de Cali (BAC) (A)

Pablo Cardona, Jose Ramon Pin, German Serrano Duarte, Lourdes Susaeta


Pepsi-Cola U.S. Beverages (B)

Andrall E. Pearson, Parke Boneysteele, Dave Nurme


Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereal Industry: Philip Morris

Kenneth S. Corts, Amy L. Sandler


Majestica Hotel in Shanghai?

Paul W. Beamish, Jane Lu


Texas Instruments: Time Products Division

Steven C. Wheelwright, Roderick E. White


Kodak's Health Imaging Division in Asia (A)

Nancy Sousa, Richard Demartino, Stanley Widrick


Gillette Singapore: Managing Global Business Integration on the Ground (B)

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Thomas D. Dretler


Lutherwood-CODA (Community Opportunities Development Association)

James Phills, Dan Kalafatas


Enron Development Corp.: The Dabhol Power Project in Maharashtra, India (C)

Krishna G. Palepu, V. Kasturi Rangan, Sarayu Srinivasan


Politics and Prudential Supervision: ABN Amro's Bid for Antonveneta (B)

Rawi Abdelal, Christopher M. Bruner


Royal Dutch/Shell: A Shell Game with Oil Reserves--Governance Overhaul after Scandal (B)

David F. Larcker, Robert Lawson, Brian Tayan


Fashion Channel: Market Segmentation, Spreadsheet

Wendy Stahl


Seagram Greater China: Office Relocation in Hong Kong

Claude P. Lanfranconi, Geoff Crum


Blackheath Manufacturing Company--Revisited

Francis Spreng

Dealing with Crisis: Lars Kruse Thomsen Moves to Solve Problems (B)

Joe Distefano, Colleen Lief


France Telecom in 2010

Robert A. Burgelman, Debra Schifrin


Part King, Inc.

Mary Heisz, Lindsay Brock


Newmont in Peru

John McMillan, Pablo Zoido


Archdiocese of New York

Stephen A. Greyser, John A. Quelch


Sun Life Financial: Planning for the Future

Stephen R. Foerster, Tony S. Frost, Eric A. Morse, Ken Mark


A Note on Sizing the Sales Force

Robert E. Spekman, Sameer Kumar, Arya Kalla

Eli Lilly and Company

Robert F. Bruner, Casey S. Opitz


NTT DoCoMo (A): The Future of the Wireless Internet?

Stephen P. Bradley, Matthew Sandoval


Evergreen Investments: Mobile CRM (B)

Andrew McAfee


Conducting a Performance Appraisal Interview

Michael Beer

ValueAct: Shareholder in the Boardroom

Jay W. Lorsch


Interview with William Amelio, CEO, Lenovo, Video

John A. Quelch

Technical Note: Innovation and Invention--A Patent Guide for Inventors and Managers

James G. Conley, David Orozco M.


Prudential UK: Rebuilding a Mighty Business

Jean-Francois Manzoni, Jean-Louis Barsoux


Jardines: Tapping the Asian E-Commerce Market

F. Warren McFarlan, Melissa Dailey, Fred Young


Exercises in Competitive Decision Making

Dana Clyman

Maytag in 1984

David J. Collis, Nancy Donohue



Kerry Herman, Thomas R. Eisenmann


Note on Human Behavior: Differences at Work: The Leadership Challenge

Sandra J. Sucher

Country Analysis Framework

James E. Austin


Orientation for Viewing Humphrey Chen

Monica Higgins, Adam Richman


Citibank: Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific (B)

V. Kasturi Rangan

H.J. Heinz Co.: The Administration of Policy (C)

Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Richard J. Post


Belmont Industries, Inc. (D)

Joseph L. Bower

Irene Charnley at Johnnic Group (A)

Linda A. Hill, Maria T. Farkas


Cardinal Health, Inc. (A)

Mary B. Teagarden


Morgan Stanley and S.G. Warburg: Investment Bank of the Future (B)

James K. Sebenius, David T. Kotchen


PetroChina: International Corporate Governance with Chinese Characteristics

John Child, Sang Xu, Mary Ho


Acquisition of Consolidated Rail Corp. (B)

Benjamin C. Esty, Mathew Mateo Millett


Black Fly Beverage Company Inc.

John S. Haywood-Farmer, Julie Harvey


Disaster in April: The Obligations of Kelly Construction

John D. Macomber, Christopher Gordon, Ben Creo


Performance Indicator

Kenneth S. Corts


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Brazil: Corporate Transformation (B)

Andrew C. Inkpen


Transitional Infant Care Specialty Hospital

Jody Hoffer Gittell, Michelle Toth

Whose Life is This? A Creativity Exercise

Kamalini Ramdas, Jeneanne Rae


Kaweyan: Female Entrepreneurship and the Past and Future of Afghanistan

Geoffrey G. Jones, Gayle Tzemach

56K Modem Battle

David B. Yoffie, Debbie Freier


Singapore: The Lion City in the Asian Economic Crisis

Michael J. Enright, Andrew Lee


F. Warren McFarlan, Jin Zhang, Ziqian Zhao

McDonald's in India

Kishore Dash


Aesthetics and Ephemerality: Observing and Preserving the Luxury Brand

Leyland Pitt, Pierre R. Berthon, Michael Parent, Jean-Paul Berthon


Monitoring Factories Around the Globe: The Fair Labor Association and The Workers Rights Consortium

Victoria Chang, Glenn R. Carroll


Matt Coffin

William Bygrave, Carl Hedberg


Sunk Costs: The Plan to Dump the Brent Spar (A)

Michael D. Watkins, Samuel Passow


Centre Partners--American Seafoods 2006

Nabil N. El-Hage, Christopher E.J. Payton


The U.S. Life Insurance Industry

Robert C. Pozen, McCall Merchant


Prepare/21 at Beth Israel Hospital (B)

Raymond A. Friedman, Caitlin Deinard


Dr. Cameron Powell and AirStrip Technologies: After the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Bhaskar Chakravorti, N. Venkatraman


Macau Gaming Revenues Are Out of Sight

Ali Farhoomand, Debra Martin


Bain & Co.'s IT Practice (C)

Andrew McAfee


Atchison Corp. (A)

Joseph L. Bower


Feed Resource Recovery

Andrew Zacharakis, Reuben Zacharakis-Jutz


NeoPets, Inc.

Thomas R. Eisenmann, Liz Kind

What Can a Mosquito Do to an Elephant? (D)

Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead, Mollie Painter-Moreland


Shepard Quraeshi Associates (A)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Harold F. Hogan Jr.


OuterLink Corp. (B)

Josh Lerner, Brenda Chia


National Semiconductor's India Design Center

Jeffrey T. Polzer, Liz Kind


MercadoLibre.com (B)

Joel Podolny, Andrea Higuera, Lauren Pressman


Factors That Influence Cross-Border Equity Investment

Gregory S. Miller


Vendor Compliance at Geoffrey Ryans (A)

Susan Kulp, Nicole DeHoratius, Zahra Kanji


Virtual Vineyards

Jeffrey F. Rayport, Alvin J. Silk, Thomas A. Gerace, Lisa R. Klein


Escudo Rojo: A Salvation Army Initiative and Its Economic Growth Options

Gabriel Berger, Carolina Gowland


Should I Advertise on the Interstate?

Jacci L. Rodgers, Tara Blackburn

Caffeine with a Conscience

Andrew Wicks, Jenny Mead


Finland and Nokia: Creating the World's Most Competitive Economy

Michael E. Porter, Orjan Solvell


Can Selling Be Globalized?: The Pitfalls of Global Account Management

David J. Arnold, Julian Birkinshaw, Omar Toulan


Adept Chemical Inc.

Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Lindsay Brock

ABB Deutschland (C1)

Hugo E.R. Uyterhoeven


Knowlton Roberts (A)

Lynn Isabella

Online Retailers

Thomas R. Eisenmann, Alastair Brown


Collabrys, Inc. (A)--The Evolution of a Startup

Dorothy Leonard, Brian J. Delacey


Swedish Lottery Bonds

George Chacko, Peter Hecht, Vincent Dessain, Anders Sjoman



Thomas R. Eisenmann, Pauline Fischer


Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream, Inc.: A Period of Transition

David J. Collis, Melinda B. Conrad


Design Matters for Management

Richard Boland, Fred Collopy


Pepsi vs. Coke in Venezuela

David Wylie, Kathleen Hagan, Hal Hogan


Entrepreneurial Finance: Course Introduction

William A. Sahlman


enterpriseAsia.com: Investing in High-technology Businesses in Asia Pacific

Simpson P.H. Poon, Marissa McCauley, Eva Chang


Using Activity-Based Costing with Budgeted Expenses and Practical Capacity

Robert S. Kaplan


The Flaxil Label (B)

Gregory Barron


Sprint Sell to Close Sales Quickly

Benson P. Shapiro


Cruzsalud: Health Care for Low-Sectors

Rosa Amelia Gonzalez, Horacio Viana


Wendy Kopp and Teach for America (B)

William W. George, Diana Mayer, Andrew N. McLean

PRG-Schultz International (A)

Paul W. Marshall, James Weber



Momenta Corp. (A)

Amar V. Bhide


WLR Foods and Pilgrim's Pride

Kenneth Eades, Ali Erarac, Katherine Merhige


Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream, Inc.: A Period of Transition, Spreadsheet

David J. Collis, Jan W. Rivkin


Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited (B): Lease vs. Buy Decision

Su Han Chan, Ko Wang, Andrew Lee


Destin Brass Products Co.

William J. Bruns Jr.


Bunge: Poised for Growth

David E. Bell


Disctech, Inc.

Kenneth A. Merchant, Joseph P. Mulloy


Helen Gates

Gerry Yemen, Martin N. Davidson


InterZine Productions, Inc.

William A. Sahlman, Jason Green



James L. Heskett


Hospital Corp. of America (B)

W. Carl Kester


Transportation Displays, Inc. (A)

Steven R. Fenster, Paul J. Reiferson


MoGen, Inc.

Kenneth Eades, Alex Holsenbeck


Stonewall Kitchen

Myra M. Hart, Kristin J. Lieb, Victoria W. Winston, Kenna Baudin, Alison Bell, Leslie Simmons


Note on Marketing Arithmetic and Related Marketing Terms, Answers to Exercises

Benson P. Shapiro



Baidu.com, Inc.: Valuation at IPO

George Foster, Joseph Piotroski, Ning Jia, Martin Haemmig, Sara Gaviser Leslie, Jennie Tung


Industrial Products, Inc.

Joseph L. Bower, John W. Rosenblum


Kendall Square Research Corp. (A) (Abridged)

William J. Bruns Jr., F. Warren McFarlan


Gillette Co.: Dry Idea Advertising (B), Video Introduction

Thomas V. Bonoma, Shirley M. Spence


Banc One--1993

Hugo E.R. Uyterhoeven, Myra M. Hart


Carrefour S.A.

Michael J. Schill


Cyberian Outpost (A)

Mark Parry


BW Manufacturing Company

Brandt Allen


Liquidity, Mutual Fund Flows, and ReFlow Management, LLC

Richard B. Evans, Michael Mills


Financial Management and Planning with the Product Life Cycle Concept

David R. Rink, Dianne M. Roden, Harold W. Fox


China: To Float or Not to Float? (C ): Esquel Group and the Chinese Renminbi

Laura Alfaro, Rafael Di Tella, Ingrid Vogel


Game Theory and Business Strategy

Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Dennis Yao


Innovation at the Treasury: Treasury Inflation-Protection Securities (B)

Kenneth A. Froot, Peter Hecht, Christopher E.J. Payton


Educational Technology Corp.: Crossing the Chasm

Mohanbir Sawhney


NetApp: The Day-to-Day of a District Manager

Mark Leslie, James Lattin, Patrick Arippol



Davis, Lloyd, Young, & Donovan

Roger Hallowell


Upgrading the Economy: Industrial Policy and Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry

Willy Shih, Jyun-Cheng Wang


Lightspeed Venture Partners--International Expansion

Krishna G. Palepu


Leader's (Dis)Advantage

Peter J. Coughlan


Intuition vs. Deliberation: How Decision Making Can Be Improved

Katherine L. Milkman, Dolly Chugh, Max H. Bazerman


Stryker Corp.: In-sourcing PCBs

Timothy A. Luehrman


Note on the Global Hotel Industry

Gevork Papiryan


Coming Era of "Brand in the Hand" Marketing

Fareena Sultan, Andrew Rohm


Tad Piper and Piper Jaffray

William W. George, Andrew N. McLean



Thomas R. Eisenmann, Peter A. Coles


How Advertising Works

Peter Voyer


Strategies of Effective New Product Team Leaders

Avan R. Jassawalla, Hemant C. Sashittal

Siemens AG: Global Development Strategy (A)

Stefan Thomke, Ashok Nimgade


Surviving organizational disasters

W. Jack Duncan, Valerie A. Yeager, Andrew C. Rucks, Peter M. Ginter


Nike in China (Abridged)

James E. Austin


The Promise: The Basic Building Block of Accountability

Mihnea C. Moldoveanu

Crown Cork & Seal/CarnaudMetalbox

William E. Fruhan, William Dewitt


IPremier Co. (B): Denial of Service Attack

Robert D. Austin, Larry Leibrock, Alan Murray


M. J. Tasman (A)

Alexander Horniman, Michael Brewster


Endo Pharmaceuticals (F): Appeals Court Ruling

Richard G. Hamermesh, Brian J. Delacey


Sam Steinberg (A) and (B) (Condensed)

Michael J. Roberts


Hewlett-Packard: IBM in 2001

Charlene Zietsma, Ken Mark


The Practitioner's Guide for Communications During Post-Merger Integration

June West, Rebecca Mayerick


Note on Taxation

William J. Poorvu, Samuel Plimpton


The Wine Industry

Andrew C. Inkpen, Rod Phillips


Uria Menendez (B)

Robert G. Eccles


Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks? (A)

Robert L. Simons, Hilary A. Weston


AT&T Pension Fund

William F. Sharpe


MINI USA: Finding a New Advertising Agency (A)

David B. Godes


Activity Based Management at W.S. Industries (B)

V.G. Narayanan, Jeremy Cott


Asiasports: Hockey Night in Hong Kong

Andrew Delios


Merck's U.S. Managed Distribution Program for the HIV Drug Crixivan

Margaret L. Eaton, Madhi Roy, Marko Curavic

Carol Brewer's Investments

Richard S. Ruback, Julia D. Stevens


Winning Legally: Using the Law to Create Value, Marshal Resources, and Manage Risk

Constance E. Bagley



Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, Thomas R. Eisenmann, Jeffrey J. Bussgang, David Chen


Dow Chemical's Bid for the Privatization of PBB in Argentina                         BUY NOW
by Mihir A. Desai and Alexandra de Royere 


iMergent (B)

Mark T. Bradshaw


New Theories of International Trade

David B. Yoffie, Heather A. Hazard


Institutions, Institutional Change, and Economic Performance

Victor Abiad


Vancouver YMCA: The Turnaround of a Public Icon

Gerard Seijts, Ken Mark


AB Sandvik Saws & Tools: The Ergo Strategy

Roderick E. White, Julian Birkinshaw


Christian Dior: A New Look for Haute Couture

Geoffrey G. Jones, Veronique Pouillard


Managing Major Accounts

Frank V. Cespedes


Tufts Health Plan

Richard Bohmer, Nancy Dean Beaulieu


Users of the World, Unite! The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media

Andreas M. Kaplan, Michael Haenlein


Norman Machinery Products, Inc. (C)

J. Keith Butters


United States Financial Crisis of 1931, Note on Franklin D. Roosevelt, and A Keynesian Cure for The Depression, Data Supplement

Willis Emmons




Yaowawit School Kapong

Krittinee Nuttavuthisit


Fabtek (B)

Benson P. Shapiro, Rowland T. Moriarty Jr.


oDesk: Changing How the World Works

Boris Groysberg, David A. Thomas, Jennifer Tydlaska


African Tiger (B)

Rajinder Raina


Food Distribution in Russia: The Harris Group and the LUX Store

David E. Bell, Walter J. Salmon, Dinny Starr



Erik Brynjolfsson, Jean-Claude Charlet


Summit Partners--The FleetCor Investment (C)

Michael J. Roberts


Making the Grade (B)

Robert L. Simons


AXA: The Global Insurance Company

John B. Goodman, Patrick Moreton


CMR Enterprises

Das Narayandas, Mary Neuner Caravella


Physician Sales and Service, Inc. (E): August 1993

Amar V. Bhide


Coastal Power Corpus Christi: Ramping Down (A)

Lynn Isabella, Gerry Yemen


Fitzpatrick Hotel Group (B2): Paddy Fitzpatrick

Paul A. Gompers, Catherine Conneely


Groupe Eurotunnel S.A. (A)

Stuart C. Gilson, Vincent Dessain, Sarah L. Abbott


Managerial Overview of Open Source Software

Sandeep Krishnamurthy


John Hancock Sports Sponsorship: 1993-2000 and Beyond

Stephen A. Greyser, John L. Teopaco

Ventro: Builder of B2B Businesses (Condensed)

Lynda M. Applegate, Meredith Collura


Dynatrol Corp.: Andover Assembly Division

H. Kent Bowen, Janice H. Hammond, Ramchandran Jaikumar


Integrated Distribution Services Group (IDS): Redefining the Asia Distribution Landscape

Hau Lee


Philips' Compact Disc Introduction (B)

Anita McGahan


Silicon Island of the East: Creating a Semiconductor Industry in Singapore

John A. Mathews


Consolidated Edison Co. (Abridged)

Thomas R. Piper


Mexico: Escaping from the Debt Crisis?

Helen Shapiro


Chengwei Ventures and the hdt Investment

G. Felda Hardymon, Josh Lerner, Ann Leamon


Accounting for Marketable Securities

Luann J. Lynch, Mark E. Haskins


Honeywell, Inc. and Integrated Risk Management

Lisa Meulbroek, Jonathan Barnett


A Note on Direct Selling in Developing Economies

Michael Chu, Joel Segre


Note on Valuation for Venture Capital

Tevya Rosenberg


Life Journey Profile: Mark Goldweitz

Bhaskar Chakravorti, Shirley M. Spence


Polaroid-Kodak (B8)

Michael E. Porter


Note on Logistic Regression - The Binomial Case

Hendrik Odegaard, Andrew Brennan


"Cementos Lima: Laying the Foundations of Social Responsibility"

Felipe Portocarrero, Cynthia Sanborn, Elsa Del Castillo, Martha Chavez

LinkedIn (B)

Mikolaj Jan Piskorski


Votia Empowerment AB (A)

Roger Hallowell, Cate Reavis


Brand in the Hand: Mobile Marketing at Adidas

Andrew Rohm, Fareena Sultan, David Wesley


Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price (B)

Anita Elberse, Jason Bergsman 


Dallas Cowboys: Financing a New Stadium

George Foster, David W. Hoyt


Plum Creek Timber (A)

Max H. Bazerman, Hannah Riley, Dov Brachfeld, John G. Troast Jr.


Offshoring at Global Information Systems, Inc., Spreadsheet Supplement

William E. Fruhan


Sarah Harris

Jim Ellis, Alicia Seiger


Block 16: Conoco's "Green" Oil Strategy (D)

Malcolm S. Salter, Susan E.A. Hall


La Fageda

Alfred Vernis, Laura Lamolia, Daniel Arenas


The Concept of Development Strategy

Gary P. Pisano


Hoechst and the German Chemical Industry

Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, Krista McQuade

Bank of America Tower: Redesigning Skyscrapers

Andrea Larson, Anne Eckhoff

Nintendo Co., Inc.

Mark Satterthwaite, John-Lindell Pfeffer


Subsidies and the Global Cotton Trade

David Besanko, Brett Burgess


Grupo Sidek (B)

Kenneth A. Froot, Alberto Moel

Campbell and Bailyn's Boston Office: Managing the Reorganization

Anne Donnellon, Dun Gifford Jr.


Ganong Bros. Ltd.

Eric A. Morse, Venessa M. Strike


Argentina's Financial System Fenced In

Huw Pill, Romina Abal, Claudia Onoforio


The Age of the Inauthentic Executive

Roger L. Martin


GenPharm International

George Foster, Andrea Higuera


Keane's Acquisition of Metro Information Services (B)

F. Asis Martinez-Jerez


Spec's Music (B)

John A. Davis, Susan S. Harmeling


SUN Brewing (B), Spreadsheet

Belen Villalonga, Raphael Amit


Harper Chemical Co., Inc.

E. Raymond Corey


Remaking Singapore

Michael E. Porter, Boon Siong Neo, Christian H.M. Ketels


Cambridge Technology Partners: Corporate Venturing, August 1996

Paul A. Gompers, Catherine Conneely


Kedaung Industrial Ltd., Video

Louis T. Wells Jr.


Alessi: Evolution of an Italian Design Factory (A)

Youngme Moon


Odyssey Healthcare

Robert F. Higgins, Virginia A. Fuller, Umer Raffat


Social spending: Managing the social media mix

Bruce D. Weinberg, Ekin Pehlivan


Clayton Industries, Inc.: Peter Arnell, Country Manager for Italy, Spreadsheet Supplement

Christopher A. Bartlett, Benjamin H. Barlow

Pedigree vs. Grit: Predicting Mutual Fund Manager Performance Data Spreadsheet, Spreadsheet Supplement

Peter Eso, Graeme Hunter, Peter Klibanoff, Karl Schmedders


Cathay Pacific

F. Warren McFarlan, Fred Young, Lo Waishun


Negotiation Exercise on Tradeable Pollution Allowances: Group B, Utility #2

Willis Emmons


The New Normal 2010 (B)

Chuck Grace, Itai Wallach, Matt Glick, Joel Newbert, Courtland Morrice, Kaitlin Fayrik, Olivia Theroux


Managing Sales Interfaces: An Introduction

Frank V. Cespedes


Employee Brand

W. Glynn Mangold, Sandra Jeanquart Miles


Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Young Minister Confronts the Challenges of Montgomery

William W. George, Richard Buhrman, Andrew N. McLean


American Express TRS Charge-Card Receivables

Andre F. Perold, Kuljot Singh


The Legal Implications of Electronic Document Retention: Changing the Rules

Robert M. Barker, Andrew T. Cobb, Julia Karcher


Leitax (A)

Noel Watson, Rogelio Oliva, Laura Winig


Mavesa (B): International Strategy and Valuation Concerns

Robert E. Kennedy


Nelson Paper Products, Inc.

W. Carl Kester


Developing a Knowledge Strategy

Michael Zack


Managing Schools for High Performance: The Area Instruction Officer at Chicago Public Schools

Monica Higgins, Allen Grossman, Tiffany K. Cheng


UpDown: Confidential Instructions for GEORG

Noam Wasserman, Deepak Malhotra

Tom Paine Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Ronald W. Moore


Ernst & Young United Kingdom (B)

John J. Gabarro, Samantha K. Graff


ToyWorld, Inc.: Information Technology Planning

Lynda M. Applegate


The Xtrican Co-Promotion Team: Everyday Decision Making in a Strategic Alliance

Lynn Isabella


Value Retail

Arthur I Segel


Shinhan Financial Group (B)

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Matthew J Morgan


Haliburton Company: Accounting for Cost Overruns and Recoveries

Maureen McNichols, Brian Tayan


Whirlpool Research and Engineering Division (A)

Jeffrey L. McNair, Samuel E Bodily


Note on Corporate Strategy

Mikolaj Jan Piskorski


Assessing Earnings Quality: Nuware, Inc.

Paul Simko


Note on Corporate Venture Capital

Josh Lerner


Technotronics, Inc.

Leonard A. Schlesinger


Rick Surpin (B)

Kirk O. Hanson, David Bollier, Penelope Rowlands


Putting the Organization on Wheels: Workplace Design at SEI

Alfred P. West Jr., Yoram (jerry) Wind


Forget Me Not

Renato Tagiuri


Dell: Selling Directly, Globally

Ali F. Farhoomand, Peter Lovelock, Pauline Ng

The Langer Lab: Commercializing Science

H. Kent Bowen, Alex Kazaks, Ayr Muir-Harmony, Bryce C. Lapierre

Shanghai Volkswagen: Time for a Radical Shift of Gears

Ali Farhoomand, Zhigang Tao, Irene Wang, Lu Yi


The Evolution of the Design-Inspired Enterprise

Gabriella Lojacono, Gianfranco Zaccai


Auditors gone wild: The "other" problem in public accounting

Ronald Jelinek, Kate Jelinek


Searle Medical Instruments Group (Abridged)

Steven C. Wheelwright, Roger W. Schmenner


Rudi Gassner at BMG International, Video

Katherine S. Weber, Linda A. Hill


Centagenetix (B)

Henry W. Chesbrough, Frank Angella


Sherif Mityas at A.T. Kearney: Negotiating a Client Service Predicament (B)

Ashish Nanda, Kelley Morrell

Life Stories of Recent MBAs: Developing Self-Awareness

Nitin Nohria, Matthew D. Breitfelder, Daisy Wademan Dowling


Cleveland Turnaround (B): Building on Progress--1989-96

James E. Austin, Andrea L. Strimling


Corning: 156 Years of Innovation

H. Kent Bowen, Courtney Purrington


Infosys in India: Building a Software Giant in a Corrupt Environment

Rawi Abdelal, Rafael Di Tella, Prabakar Kothandaraman



James L. Heskett


Wilson Lumber Co.

Thomas R. Piper


Circuit City Stores, Inc. (A), Spreadsheet Supplement

William J. Bruns Jr., Susan S. Harmeling


Novo Nordisk A/S: Designing for Diabetics, Epilogue

Karen J. Freeze

Alliance Concrete

Marc Lipson


Integrity and Management



Plavix: Drugs in the Age of Personalized Medicine

Richard G. Hamermesh, Mara G. Aspinall, Rachel Gordon


Zia Yusuf at SAP: Having Impact

Jeffrey Pfeffer


Dell: Selling Directly, Globally (2007)

Hong Iris Wang, Ali Farhoomand, Pauline Ng


Eli Lilly and Co.: Innovation in Diabetes Care

Clayton M. Christensen


Hutton Branch Manager (C)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Jane Palley Katz


Evaluating an Action Plan

Linda A. Hill


Difficult Choices - An Introduction to Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Gregory S. Zaric


Basel II: Assessing the Default and Loss Characteristics of Project Finance Loans (A), Spreadsheet

Benjamin C. Esty, Aldo Sesia


Amanda's Restaurants (A)

Garth Saloner, Claire Magat Raffaelli


Simulation as a Decision Aid

Roy D. Shapiro



Timothy M. Laseter


The B.F. Goodrich-Rabobank Interest Rate Swap, Spreadsheet Supplement

Jay O. Light


Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch (A)

Robin Ritchie, Aleem Visram


Martin N. Davidson


Challenges for the Minuto de Dios (A)

Diana M. Trujillo, Roberto Gutierrez, Jaime A. Ruiz


Management Levels at Staples (C): District Manager

David A. Garvin, Lynne C. Levesque


Online Research Guide

Lynda M. Applegate, William Kerr, Ann Cullen, Alexis Brownell


Menem and the Populist Tradition in Argentina

Rafael Di Tella, Eliseo Neuman


Wholesale Club Industry

Walter J. Salmon, Paul Kennedy


Demystifying the Development of an Organizational Vision

Mark Lipton


Google Advertising

Youngme Moon, David Chen


Exercise on Employee Stock Option Dilution

Brian J. Hall


Social Enterprise Under Adversity: Bridge EXP in Kibera (A)

Oana Branzei, Eduardo Zarate


Convertible Securities

George Chacko, Eli Peter Strick


SureCut Shears, Inc.

W. Carl Kester


Gome: Going Public

Li Jin, Li Liao


Customer Relationship Management: In B2C Markets, Often Less Is More

Grahame R. Dowling


Cable & Wireless America

Guhan Subramanian, Eliot Sherman


Ockham Technologies: Living on the Razor's Edge (Abridged)

Noam Wasserman

Intuit's New CEO: Steve Bennett

William A. Sahlman, Alison Berkley Wagonfeld


E-Coms and Their Marketing Strategies

Avraham Shama


Swire Beverages: Implementing CSR in China

Christopher Marquis, G.A. Donovan, Yi Kwan Chu


Leading Change

Michael Beer


Vickers, Inc.: Omaha Plant

Helen Han


How Do Customers Judge Quality in an E-Tailer?

Joel E. Collier, Carol C. Bienstock


Taco Bell, Inc.--1983-94

Lynda M. Applegate, Leonard A. Schlesinger, David Delong

Canadian Tire: Business Intelligence in 2006

Nicole R.D. Haggerty, Ken Mark


Managerial Duties and Business Law

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr., Jerry Useem


Pixim (C): May 2002

Robert A. Burgelman, Cara McVie


Iris Running Crane: December 2009

Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Josh Lerner, Ann Leamon


An Integrated Approach to the Determination of Forward Prices

Walid Busaba, Zeigham Khokher, Saqib Khan


Shimla Dairy Products Private Ltd., India: Poised for Growth?

Michael Rouse, Navin John


'Where everybody knows your name': Lessons from small business about preventing workplace violence

M. Ronald Buckley, Anthony C. Klotz


What People Want (and How to Predict It)

Thomas H. Davenport, Jeanne G. Harris



SKII China: Managing Public Relations

John JR Roberts


Convention on Biological Diversity: Engaging the Private Sector

David E. Bell, Mary Shelman


Oxfam America

James E. Austin, James Kondo


Tesco Plc.

David E. Bell


Horizontal Specialization and Modularity in the Semiconductor Industry

Willy Shih, Chintay Shih, Chen-Fu Chien


Windburn Associates

Sherwood C. Frey, Lucien Bass


Wausau Equipment Company: A Lean Journey (C)

Robert D. Landel, Sorin Gruia


Fiduciary Relationship: A Legal Perspective

Lynn Sharp Paine


Joe Smith's Closing Analysis (A)

Lynda M. Applegate, Rakesh Khurana


Splash Corporation (A): Competing With the Big Brands

Niraj Dawar, Nigel Goodwin


National Convenience Stores, Inc.

Steven R. Fenster, Stuart C. Gilson, Roy Burstin


We Can Hear You Now (A): A Customer Survey Design for a Six Sigma Project at Crutchfield Corp.

Robert D. Landel, Laure Taylor, Alan Zimmerman



Ananth Raman, Laura Winig


United Parcel Service (B)

Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld, Meredith Lazo


Dynamic Synchronization of Strategy and Information Technology

C.K. Prahalad, M.S. Krishnan



GMAC: The Pipeline

Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen


Outside Directors with a Stake: The Linchpin in Improving Governance

Donald C. Hambrick, Eric M. Jackson



Edward D. Hess, Gosia Glinska


Weathering the Storm: Awarding an Honorary Degree to Canada's Pioneer Abortion Doctor (A)

Gerard Seijts, Michael Sider, Ken Mark


Acumen Fund and Mytry De-Fluoridation Filter Technologies

William F. Meehan III, Yasmina Zaidman


Toyota: Repositioning the Brand in Europe (B)

Sean Meehan, Dominique Turpin, George Radler


Discovering What Has Already Been Discovered: Why Did Your Customers Hire Your Product?

Clayton M. Christensen

Developing a Teaching Case (Abridged)

Michael J. Roberts


Toward Golden Pond (A)

Nicolas P. Retsinas, G.A. Donovan, Nancy Hua Dai, Justin Ginsburgh


San Fabian Supply Co. (B)

Claudine B. Malone, Neil Harrison


Integrating Around the Job to be Done, Module Note

Clayton M. Christensen


Motorola (A)

Kathleen Meyer, Matt Kelemen, Stephen Weiss


Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Framework

Constance E. Bagley


Air Deccan (A): "Simplifying" Air Travel in India

Benoit Leleux, Isabelle Pigeaux


Gorenje D.D.: A Slovenian Manufacturer Confronts the European Market

Gerald Zeitz, Ales Brglez, Irena Vodopivec


The uninvited brand

Susan Fournier, Jill Avery


Asia Renal Care, Spreadsheet

Michael J. Roberts


Orthoteks USA (B3)

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr., Richard G. Hamermesh


Shaping Spaarbeleg: Real and Unreal

J. B.M. Kassarjian


Joyoung Soymilk Maker: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Yi Qian


Building Organizational Integrity

D. Christopher Kayes, David Stirling, Tjai M. Nielsen


Creative Chips (Abridged)

John F. Graham, Graham T. Roberts


Intel Labs (A): Photolithography Strategy in Crisis

Henry W. Chesbrough


StarMedia: Launching a Latin American Revolution

Thomas R. Eisenmann


Renault Trucks: Remanufacturing as a Strategic Activity

Benoit Leleux, Henri Bourgeois


Jonathan Pellegrin: Closing The Pellegrins Case, Video

John A. Davis


ECCO A/S - Global Value Chain Management

Bo Nielsen, Torben Pedersen, Jacob Pyndt


Alleviating Poverty and Malnutrition: Successful Models

Ray A. Goldberg, Kerry Herman, Laura Winig


James Hardie

Donald J. Lecraw


Busse Place

Arthur I Segel, William J. Poorvu, Justin Ginsburgh, Richard Kessler


Anita Norris Model Management

Prashob Menon, Paul Lee, John S. Haywood-Farmer

Corporate Strategy: A Conceptual Framework

David J. Collis


The Locus of Control

Gerry Yemen, James G. Clawson


British Motorcycle Industry at a Crossroads

Jan W. Rivkin


Rogers' Chocolates (C): January 2008

Charlene Zietsma


African Communications Group

Anita McGahan, Dale O. Coxe


Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc. (E)

Todd D. Jick


Farmington Fresh: Growers Changing Produce Distribution

Ray A. Goldberg, Donald Daniels


Willow Creek Community Church (A)

Leonard A. Schlesinger, James Mellado


William Jeffrey Departs from Bay Colony Mutual

Lena G. Goldberg


Silenced by Fear: The Nature and Consequences of Fear at Work

Jennifer Kish-Gephart, James R. Detert, Linda Klebe Trevino, Amy C. Edmondson


ABB (B): The Lindahl Era (1997-2001)

Paul Strebel, Nanci Govinder


HNA Group: Moving China's Air Transport Industry in a New Direction

William C. Kirby, F. Warren McFarlan, Tracy Yuen Manty


Alliant Health System: A Vision of Total Quality

Jane Linder, Gwendolyn Moore


Facebook (B)

R. Edward Freeman, Bidhan Parmar, Jenny Mead


Understanding Brands, Module Note

Anat Keinan, Jill Avery


New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

H. Kent Bowen, Robert S. Huckman, Carin-Isabel Knoop

Copeland Corp.: Evolution of a Manufacturing Strategy--1975-82 (B)

David A. Garvin, Artemis March


Pfizer: Letter from the Chairman (B)

Robert L. Simons, Kathryn Rosenberg


Whose Money Is It Anyway? (C)

V.G. Narayanan, Richard G. Hamermesh, Rachel Gordon


Transforming ASUSTeK: Breaking from the Past

Willy Shih, Howard Yu, Hung-Chang Chiu


Loewen Group

Mary M. Crossan, Ariff Kachra


The Nonmarket Environment of Google

David P. Baron


Arch Wireless, Inc.

Stuart C. Gilson, Perry L. Fagan


The Siam Commercial Bank: Weathering the Asian Storm (A)

Petra Christmann, Mark Sriaporn


Abby Hamilton

Robert D. Landel, Elliot N. Weiss


Global Expansion at Sanford C. Bernstein (B) (Abridged)

Linda A. Hill, Dana M. Teppert


VF Corp: Acquiring the Iconic Skateboard Footwear Brand Vans

Basil A. Kalymon, Jordan Mitchell


Asea Brown Boveri

Robert L. Simons, Christopher A. Bartlett


Ocean & Oil Holdings and the Leveraged Buyout of Agip Nigeria (A)

Peter Hecht, Onche Ugbabe


Intel Corp. (C): Strategy for the 1990s

Robert A. Burgelman, George W. Cogan


Renewing GE: The Africa Project

David A. Thomas, Stephanie J Creary


Club Med (A)

Christopher W.L. Hart, Dan Arczynski, Dan Maher

Metapath Software: September 1997

G. Felda Hardymon, Bill Wasik


Fidelity Investments' Charitable Gift Fund (A)

Robert C. Pozen


Retail Promotional Pricing: When Is a Sale Really a Sale? (A)

Gwendolyn K. Ortmeyer


Role of Differentiation in Markets Driven by Advertising

David A. Soberman


Bacardi Southampton (D): Analyzing Agile System Savings

Robert D. Landel, Cheng Cui


Negotiating Your Entry into Your Family Business

John A. Davis


AES Honeycomb (A)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Sarah Mavrinac


Bobbie D'Alessandro and the Redesign of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

Linda A. Hill, Kristin C. Doughty, Ellen Pruyne


iPhone vs. Cell Phone

David B. Yoffie, Michael Slind


Procurement at Betapharm Corp. (A)

Susan Kulp, Taylor Randall


Maxwell Shoe Co., Inc.

Krishna G. Palepu


Sonoco Products Co. (C)

Boris Groysberg, David A. Thomas, David Lane


Coca-Cola Co. (B)

David F. Hawkins


LIFO or FIFO? That Is the Question

William J. Bruns Jr., Susan S. Harmeling


Extracting Information from the Futures and Forwards Markets: The Relation between Spot Prices, Forward Prices, and Expected Future Spot Prices

Lisa Meulbroek

"Cementos Lima: Laying the Foundations of Social Responsibility--Epilogue"

Felipe Portocarrero, Cynthia Sanborn, Elsa Del Castillo, Martha Chavez


Leading Across Cultures at Michelin (C)

Erin Meyer, Sapna Gupta


Business and Human Rights

Lynn Sharp Paine, Lara Adamsons


Microsoft Corp.: The Introduction of Microsoft Works

Thomas J. Kosnik


If We Blew It Up, Then We Could....

Stacey Childress


Nucor: Ken Iverson, November 29, 1990, Video

Pankaj Ghemawat


Home Depot, Inc.

Krishna G. Palepu


VideoGuide, Inc. (C)

William A. Sahlman, Jason Green


San Patrignano Community (B)

Piero Morosini, Ulrich Steger, Karin Isberg


Global Farmer and the Future of Soybean Production

Ray A. Goldberg, Kevin Allison


Managing Failure: American Bankruptcy Law at a Crossroads

David A. Moss, Mary Oey, Jonathan Lackow


Compass Maritime Services, LLC: Valuing Ships

Benjamin C. Esty, Albert Sheen


Concept Devices, Inc.: International Market Entry

Thomas V. Bonoma, Randy Masel


American Medical Association

Ashish Nanda



Walter Kuemmerle, Chad Ellis


Dynamis Energy Risk Fund, Spreadsheet Supplement

Yiorgos Allayannis, Alec Bocock

ProfitLogic: Scott Friend, CEO, Video

Richard G. Hamermesh, Michael J. Roberts


Banc One Corp.: Asset and Liability Management

Peter Tufano, Benjamin C. Esty


The Strategic Management of Irrationality

Mihnea C. Moldoveanu


MGM Mirage's Bid for Mandalay Resort Group (A): Communicating During the Merger Process

Gregory S. Miller, Michael D. Kimbrough


Camper: Imagination is not Expensive

Jordan Mitchell, Rama Velamuri


Trinity College (D)

F. Warren McFarlan, Nancy Bartlett


The Garden Place

C. Ray Smith, Luann J. Lynch


Future of Avon's China: Direct Sales, Retail Sales or Both

Zhigang Tao, Dongya Li, Isabella Chan


Note on the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA)

Stuart C. Gilson


Belco Global Foods

C. Fritz Foley, Matthew Johnson


Australia's Telstra Corp. (A): Going Public

W. Earl Sasser Jr., Carin-Isabel Knoop, Cate Reavis


The North West Company (C): Human Resources

Mary M. Crossan, Stephen R. Foerster, Ken Mark


Normative Foundations of Business

J. Gregory Dees, Jaan Elias


Motivation for Creativity in Organizations

Teresa M. Amabile


Medtronic: Patient Management Initiative (B)

Regina E. Herzlinger



Yale University Investments Office

Josh Lerner, Jay O. Light


What Happened at Citigroup?

Clayton Rose, Aldo Sesia


OSG Corporation: Risk Hedging Against Transaction Exposures

Mitsuru Misawa


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?: An Exercise to Assess Your Exposure to the Rest of the World's People

Paul W. Beamish


McDonald's and the McCafe Coffee Initiative

Pratima Bansal, Lindsay Sgro


Microsoft in 2002

Michael G. Rukstad, David B. Yoffie, Carl Johnston, Tyrrell Levine


Air France Internet Marketing: Optimizing Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Kayak Sponsored Search

Mark Jeffery, Lisa Egli, Andy Gieraltowski, Jessica Lambert, Jason Miller, Liz Neely, Rakesh Sharma


Cisco Goes to China: Routing an Emerging Economy

Geoffrey G. Jones, David Kiron


Paper and More

Noel Watson


Licensing of APOEP1.B Peptide Technology

James E. Hatch, Susanne Acklin


AOL, Cisco, Yahoo!: Building the Internet Commons

James E. Austin, Liz Kind


Union Corrugating Co. (A)

Paul W. Marshall, Julia D. Stevens


Husky Injection Molding Systems

Jan W. Rivkin


Note on Rules

Debora L. Spar


Internal Entrepreneurship at the Dow Chemical Co.

Bala Chakravarthy, Hans Huber


Maumee Commercial Dining Products, Inc.

Mark E. Haskins


Note on Retail Economics

David E. Bell


Pepsi Blue

John A. Quelch



Andrew McAfee, Carin-Isabel Knoop, Cate Reavis


Ocean 42SS: Fishing Boat

John Zerio


Hertz Corporation (B)

Timothy A. Luehrman, Douglas C. Scott


Western Drug Store Inc.

Claude P. Lanfranconi


The Environment, Development and Participation: the Dilemmas of Asociacion Civil Labor

Felipe Portocarrero, Cynthia Sanborn, Elsa Del Castillo, Martha Chavez


Kepak and the Future of the Irish Beef Industry

David E. Bell, Damien P. McLoughlin, Mary Shelman


www.pefa.com: Pan European Fish Auctions--Implementing a Virtual Marketplace

Robert S. Collins, Kimberly A. Bechler


Vincor: Project Twist

Niraj Dawar, Eric Singer


edocs, Inc. (B2): Jonathon Guerster

Paul A. Gompers


Procter & Gamble Europe: Vizir Launch

Christopher A. Bartlett


Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. (A)

Shengjun Liu



Clayton Rose


Mobil in Aceh, Indonesia (B)

Henri-Claude De Bettignies, Liana Downey

Bayer AG (A)

John A. Quelch, Robin Root


Moet-Hennessy Group

Malcolm S. Salter, Irence L. Sinrich


Swissair's Alliances (A)

David B. Yoffie, Eric J. Vayle


Cycles of Corporate Branding: The Case of the LEGO Co.

Majken Schultz, Mary Jo Hatch


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.: The "Talk to Chuck" Advertising Campaign

John A. Quelch, Laura Winig


When the uncountable counts: An alternative to monitoring employee performance

K. W. Platts, M. Sobotka


Henry Birks & Sons, Inc.

Mary M. Crossan, Ken Mark


McDonald's: Super-Sized Troubles (A)

Michael A. Roberto


Return Logic, Inc, (B)

Richard G. Hamermesh, Michele Lutz


IBM Network Technology (A)

Michael L. Tushman, Robert Chapman Wood


Midwest Office Products, Spreadsheet Supplement

Robert S. Kaplan


ZOOTS: The Cleaner Cleaner

Myra M. Hart, Sharon I. Peyus


Crisis Management: North American Sporting League Visits Mexico City (B)

George Foster


A Guide to Taxation and Mangement Decisions

Mary Margaret Frank


China Cosmetics Industry 2005

Zhigang Tao, Li Dongya



Sayan Chatterjee, Elizabeth Carroll, David M. Spencer

Wal-Mart in 2002

David B. Yoffie, Yusi Wang


Du Pont's Titanium Dioxide Business (D)

Pankaj Ghemawat


Cebu Pacific Air (D)

Gerry Yemen, Erika H. James, Marie-Grace U. Ngo


Berkshire Hathaway Inc.--Intercorporate Investments (A)

Luann J. Lynch


Doyle's Dealmaking Dilemma (A): Negotiating the Job Search

James K. Sebenius


Evolution of the Xbox Supply Chain

Hau Lee, David W. Hoyt, Chuck Holloway


Stitch It Group Inc.

Ken Mark, David Simpson


AIA-JF Green Fund--Differentiation in Funds Market

Ricky Chan, Amy Tang


Types of Processes

David A. Garvin


Marketing Strategy

Robert T. Davis


Dressen (Abridged) (B)

Thomas R. Piper


Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield (B)

Regina E. Herzlinger, Ramona K. Hilgenkamp


Cat Is Out of the Bag: KANA and the Layoff Gone Awry (B)

Leslie A. Perlow, David L. Ager


Advent Israel Venture Capital Program

Paul A. Gompers, Jeffrey Anapolsky


Adam Aircraft

William D. Bygrave, Carl Hedberg, John Hamilton


Omnicom's No-No (B)

Todd Pulvino, James Litinsky

AstraZeneca, Prilosec, and Nexium: Marketing Challenges in the Launch of a Second-Generation Drug

James G. Conley, Robert C. Wolcott, Eric Wong


Developing Design Sensibilities

Jane Fulton Suri, R. Michael Hendrix


Rambus, Inc.: Commercializing the Billion Dollar Idea

Brian S. Silverman, Briana Huntsberger


Who Is a Professional?

Ashish Nanda


One Firm One Future at Davis Langdon (C)

Robert G. Eccles, Kaitlyn Simpson


Fremont Financial Corp. (B)

Erik Sirri, Ann Zeitung


Hostile Bid for Red October

Benjamin C. Esty, Alan Bigman


Work is Good: Branding the Employ+Ability Mission

Lynda M. Applegate, Susan Saltrick, Monica Higgins


John R. Nord, MD

Thomas Cross


Living with the Limitations of Success

Bin Jiang, Tim Koller


Spyder Active Sports, Inc. and CHB Capital Partners (A)

John A. Davis, Louis B. Barnes, Peter Botticelli


Discount and Hawkins: Highlights of the Transcript

Michael A. Wheeler


Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances Inc. (B)

Jeffrey Gandz


Triple Point Technology

Richard S. Ruback, Royce Yudkoff


Australian Wine Cluster, Supplementary Information

Michael E. Porter, Orjan Solvell



The AFSCME vs. Mozilo...and "Say on Pay" for All! (B)

Fabrizio Ferri, James Weber

Procurement at Betapharm Corp. (B)

Taylor Randall, Susan Kulp


Carlo de Benedetti: Another Point of View

Alexander Horniman

Allen Distribution Co.

Pearson Hunt, Robert F. Vandell


Sustainability Through Servicizing

Sandra Rothenberg


Debt Financing, Firm Value, and the Cost of Capital

Susan Chaplinsky, Robert S. Harris


Valuing Companies: An Overview of Analytical Approaches

Robert S. Harris


Southern Cross Latin America Private Equity Fund

Rob Johnson

Templates for Profit Planning

Robert L. Simons


PC-Based Desktop Videoconferencing Systems Industry in 1998

Robert A. Burgelman, Osamu Suzuki


Partners HealthCare System, Inc. (A)

Gary P. Pisano, Maryam Golnaraghi


Corn Products International, Inc.

Ray A. Goldberg, Tom Clay

MW Petroleum Corp. (B)

Timothy A. Luehrman, Peter Tufano, Barbara D. Wall

Kohl Industries

John A. Davis


Sun Hydraulics Corp. (A) and (B) (Abridged)

Louis B. Barnes, Colleen Kaftan



Superior Printing

Paul W. Marshall


Sonoco Products Co. (A): Building a World-Class HR Organization

Boris Groysberg, Cate Reavis, David A. Thomas


Option Valuation and Dividend Payments

Robert S. Harris, Robert M. Conroy


Empowering Language

James G. Clawson


Founders Fund

Bethany Coates, John Glynn


Note on the New Deal: From the First to the Second "Hundred Days"

Thomas K. McCraw, Daniel A. Pope


Silicon Graphics, Inc. (B)

Marco Iansiti, Alan MacCormack


Finova Group, Inc. (B)

Stuart C. Gilson, Perry L. Fagan


Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.

George Athanassakos, Dan Buffery


Making Invisible Work Visible: Using Social Network Analysis to Support Strategic Collaboration

Rob Cross, Stephen P. Borgatti, Andrew Parker


The Exxon Valdez Revisited: The Untold Story (A)

Gerry Yemen, Erika H. James


Professional Associations

Ashish Nanda


Entrepreneurial Marketing: Learning from High-Potential Ventures

Joseph B. Lassiter


Butler Lumber Co., Spreadsheet

Thomas R. Piper


South Africa: Getting in GEAR

Richard H.K. Vietor

Microsoft adCenter

Peter A. Coles, Benjamin Edelman


Eastern Electric Apparatus Repair Co. (A)

Carliss Y. Baldwin, Harry Gruner


Selling strategic issues: Crafting the content of the sales pitch

Matthew J. Mazzei, Christopher L. Shook, David Ketchen Jr.


Ratios Tell A Story--2007

Mark E. Haskins


PepsiCo and Madonna

John A. Quelch, N. Craig Smith, Aimee L. Stern


Federal Express: The Money Back Guarantee (D)

Christopher W.L. Hart


Massport (C): A Revitalized Organization

Michael A. Roberto, Erika M. Ferlins


Protecting the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999

Herman B Leonard, David Tannenwald, Arnold Howitt


Housing Investment

Alan R Beckenstein

Canadian Closures (A)

Louis Hebert, Davin Li

Motor City: A Disruptive Business Model (A)

Edward D. Hess


Blogs at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein: (B)

Andrew McAfee


US Office Products (A)

Roger Hallowell


InBev and Anheuser-Busch

Andrew C. Inkpen


Building to a Crescendo

Noam Wasserman, Vishesh Kumar


EuroGame and the iTV Opportunity

Kersi Antia, Thomas Behe

The Environmental Entrepreneur

Timothy Feddersen, Scot R. Wheeler


Globalive: Change in the Canadian Wireless Telecom Industry

Adam Fremeth, Tony Frost, Guy Holburn, Kevin Chan, Peter Walker


Internet Capital Group

George Parker, Victoria Chang


Pillsbury: Customer Driven Reengineering

Robert S. Kaplan


Solving the Puzzle of the Cash Flow Statement

Julie H. Hertenstein, Sharon M. McKinnon


1995 Release of the Institutional Investor Research Report: The Impact of New Information

Boris Groysberg, Nitin Nohria, Derek Haas


Mozilla Foundation: Launching Firefox 1.0 (B)

Siobhan O'Mahony, Nikhil Raj


FreeMarkets OnLine

V. Kasturi Rangan


Industry Note: Furniture

Bruce McKern, Steve Debonvoisin, Leandro Cuccioli, Raquel Gonzalez-Dalmau, Gustavo Lopes


Are You a "Vigilant Leader"?

George S. Day, Paul J.H. Schoemaker


University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

David A. Garvin, Srikant M. Datar, James Weber


Ocean Spray Cranberries: Environmental Risk Management

Richard H.K. Vietor, Fiona E.S. Murray


Vancouver General Hospital: Improving Porter Efficiency (A)

Fredrik Odegaard, Ryan Metcalf


Financing of Project Achieve (A)

Mihir A. Desai


Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand (A)

Lynn Isabella, Darcy Langlais, Gerry Yemen


Note on Rewards Systems

Michael Beer, Bert A. Spector

American Heart Association: Reorganization of the Western States Affiliate

Glenn R. Carroll, Kristina Ho


SCORE! Educational Centers (C)

M. Diane Burton, Jeffrey L. Bradach, Naomi Atkins

Amnesty International

John A. Quelch, Nathalie Laidler


Rocky Mountain Advanced Genome (v. 1.3)

Robert F. Bruner


Vivaldi Food Concepts--The Start-Up of an Asian Venture (A)

Daniel J. Isenberg


Competitive Dynamics in Home Video Games (J): The Next Generation Nintendo

Peter J. Coughlan


Alan Greenspan in 2004

Wei Li, Alan R Beckenstein


Endo Pharmaceuticals (D): Hatch-Waxman Change

Richard G. Hamermesh, Brian J. Delacey


The Life and Career of a High-Tech Entrepreneur (B)

James G. Clawson, Jason Clifton


Creativity and Innovation in Organizations

Teresa M. Amabile


Chiaphua Group Vietnam

Michael Shih-ta Chen, Nicolas P. Retsinas


Mid-Atlantic Professional Development Center: Lengthening the Half-Life of Learning

Mark E. Haskins


Pricing for Profit: The UK Credit Card Industry in the Late 1980s (C)

Harborne W. Stuart Jr.


Learning Co.

James Henderson


Race, Accountability, and the Achievement Gap (A)

Karen L. Mapp, David A. Thomas, Tonika Cheek Clayton


Chantal Cookware Corp.

H. Kent Bowen, Paul W. Marshall

SAP AG in 2006: Driving Corporate Transformation

Robert A. Burgelman, Tom Federico



Gail McGovern


Innovation as a Learning Process: Embedding Design Thinking

Sara L. Beckman, Michael Barry


ApproTEC Kenya: Technologies to Fight Poverty and Create Wealth

V. Kasturi Rangan


New HP: The Clean Room and Beyond

Liz Kind, Leslie A. Perlow


NCH Capital and Univermag Ukraina

Josh Lerner, John Didiuk


Aligning Employees Through "Line of Sight"

Wendy Boswell, John B. Bingham, Alexander J.S. Colvin


China: To Float or Not to Float? (E): ABB Investment in China

Laura Alfaro, Rafael Di Tella, Ingrid Vogel


Silver Star's North American Flight Center

Greg Bevan, James G. Clawson


TD Canada Trust (A): The Green and the Red

Dennis Campbell, Brent Kazan


Learning From Toys: Lessons in Managing Supply Chain Risk From the Toy Industry

M. Eric Johnson


Working with Relatives in the Family Firm

Renato Tagiuri


Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts: Achieving Service Leadership

Gerard Tocquer, Eva Y.H. Kwan


The Merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq (B): Deal Design

Robert F. Bruner, Anna Buchanan


Embedding Corporate Philanthropy in Grand Circle Corporation

James Henderson


Tetra Pak: Freedom with Accountability

Ulrich Steger, Catherine A. Ramus, Mope Ogunsulire

Odwalla, Inc.

Ray A. Goldberg, Tom Clay


Cells for Life (A)

John G. Wilson, Robert Young, Georg Oppitz, Wayne Hoy, David Bassin


Succession and Continuity for Johnson Family Enterprises (B)

John L. Ward, Carol Adler Zsolnay


Decision-Making Exercise (B)

David A. Garvin, Michael A. Roberto


Harris Seafoods, Inc.

William E. Fruhan, William A. Sahlman


Joline Godfrey, Update--1992-2002

Linda A. Hill, Jennifer M. Suesse


A Note on, and a Tale about, Flexible Budgeting

Mark E. Haskins


Bayside Motion Group (A)

H. Kent Bowen, Bradley R. Staats


Michelin in the Land of the Maharajahs (A): Note on the Tire Industry in India

Pierre-Xavier Meschi


Valley Systems (B)

John Morgridge, Mark Leslie, Sara Rosenthal


Resinas Sinteticas, S.A. (B)

Lynn Sharp Paine, Gregory C. Rogers


One South: Investing in Emerging Markets (A)

Nicolas P. Retsinas, Justin Ginsburgh


VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy

Gary P. Pisano, Pamela Adams


IBM Corp.: The Bubble-Memory Incident, Chronology of Key Events

Vijay V. Sathe


Giant Inc.: Formation of the A-Team

Paul W. Beamish, Chwo-Ming (Joseph) Yu



Ecolab, Inc. (D)

Ashish Nanda


Splash: Ready to Make Waves?

Hari Bapuji, Niraj Dawar, Nigel Goodwin


Lean Methodology: Selecting and Executing a Personal 5S Application Project

Robert D. Landel


Marketing Strategy Formulation

Minette E. Drumwright, Thomas J. Kosnik


Kellogg-Worthington Merger

L.J. Bourgeois, Luis Franco, Margaret Cording


Barloworld: Action Learning in Argentina, Brazil and Chile - The ABC Programme (A)

Paddy Miller, Jordan Mitchell


John Carter: Hedging

Samuel E Bodily, Lee Fiedler


Hospital for Special Surgery (B): Continuing Challenges of Growth

Regina E. Herzlinger


Linden Lab: Crossing the Chasm

Thomas R. Eisenmann, Alison Berkley Wagonfeld


Baylor Books, Inc.

William J. Bruns Jr., Jeremy Cott


Wit Capital: Evolution of the Online Investment Bank (B)

Roger Hallowell, Charles G. Ruberto


Learning in Real Time: Role-Plays in Educational Scenarios

Ryan W. Quinn


MRC, Inc. (A)

Ronald W. Moore


Orthoteks USA (B1)

Joseph L. Badaracco Jr., Richard G. Hamermesh


Power of Activism: Assessing the Impact of NGOs on Global Business

Debora L. Spar, Spar Debora L., Lane T. La Mure


Atlas Copco (B): The Conflict Episode

V. Kasturi Rangan

Tata Consultancy Services Iberoamerica

Michael Chu, Gustavo A. Herrero


CRA Managed Care, Inc. (B)

Myra M. Hart, Susan S. Harmeling


Taino Construction Supplies: Managing Innovation Risks at an SME in a Small, Developing Nation

Carmen Rios Figueroa, Julia Sagebien



William J. Poorvu, Richard E. Crum


Old Colony Associates

John J. Gabarro, Andrew Burtis


Marriott Corp.: Restructuring

Steven R. Fenster, Roy Burstin


Ernst & Young United Kingdom (A)

John J. Gabarro, Samantha K. Graff


Note on Energy

Sean Harrington, Dennis Rohan


Repositioning Ranbaxy

Pankaj Ghemawat, Kazbi Kothavala


Module I: Moral Challenge Class Summaries

Sandra J. Sucher


City Water Tanzania (B): Privatizing Dar es Salaam's Water Utility

Oana Branzei, Kevin McKague



F. Warren McFarlan, David Lane, Guoqing Chen


Ganeden Biotech, Inc.

Robert C. Pozen, Dale Winger, Matthew Ahlers


Atlantis-Biovent Negotiation: Confidential Instructions for Atlantis

Michael A. Wheeler


School Feeding Program in Nigeria (A): Tetra Pak's Business and Development Goal

Ulrich Steger, Aileen Ionescu-Somers



Anatomy of a Corporate Campaign: Rainforest Action Network and Citigroup (B)

David P. Baron, David S. Barlow, Ann M. Barlow, Erin Yurday


Moving Ideas into Action: Mastering the Art of Change

Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Time Series Forecasting

Samuel E Bodily


New York City: Bloomberg's Strategy for Economic Development

Michael E. Porter, Christian H.M. Ketels, Anne S. Habiby, David Zipper


Strategic Innovation

Constantinos C. Markides

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.: Supply Management, Addendum

Francis J. Aguilar, Xin X He, Paul Clark


SAP Banking in 2006: Fostering Innovation in Banking Through the Business Process Platform

Robert A. Burgelman, Jean-Bernard Rolland


Note on Building the Self-Sustaining Firm

Amar V. Bhide


Ricardo Software

Andrew McAfee


Note on the Cuban Cigar Industry

Paul W. Beamish, Akash Kapoor

Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America (C)

Linda A. Hill, Kristin C. Doughty


Share Our Strength and American Express: Developing Marketing Alliances (B)

Sonya Grier, Carrie D. Culp, Callie M. Stivers


Note on Postponement

Sunil Chopra, Jeffrey Blount, Peter Meindl, Marek Prach, Danny Su, Fuminori Takemura


PSI India -- Will Balbir Pasha Help Fight AIDS? (A) and (B), Video

Elie Ofek